“The Last Ship” Season 4 won’t be released until June 2017 but details about “The Last Ship” Season 5 are now emerging. The action-drama television series has been renewed to have two more seasons after its third installment has ended.

Although it is still a long wait before the show’s fifth season will air in 2018, people behind the show are now revealing its casting. And as its lead star Eric Dane, who plays the role of Tom Chandler, requested for a filming break, “Melrose Place” actor Thomas Calabro is about to join the show.

A back-to-back filming

Deadline reported that the 58-year-old actor is going to play a major character as Don Kinkaid. He is the new general responsible for the new makeshift army that has been built after they were first hit by the plague. However, it is not yet revealed what will be the main role of the said army in “The Last Ship” Season 5.

Although it will still take a long while before the show will be seen, details about the fifth installment are now making waves as the fourth and fifth seasons are filming back-to-back. This will give the show’s stars the freedom to do their thing after they finish their production and waiting for the show’s sixth season renewal.

TNT has yet to reveal if “The Last Ship” Season 5 will be the show’s final bow or will still continue for another season.

However, it is too early to tell and it depends on the upcoming two seasons’ performance. In fact, as early as now, the fifth installment is said to be the show’s most epic chapter.

2-week production break

Meanwhile, Dane requested to temporarily stop the filming of “The Last Ship” Season 5. The 44-year-old actor is said to be experiencing depression.

Some sources told Variety that the production has been on a hiatus for Memorial Day.

“Eric asked for a break to deal with personal issues,” his rep told the publication. The “Grey’s Anatomy” star is suffering depression and asking for a short break. The show’s producers, on the other hand, granted his plea and now looking forward to his return.

Dane has been very vocal about his personal issues and even admitted that he has been in rehab for a 30-day program. This was to battle his addiction to painkillers after a sport’s injury.

Another insider revealed that the show’s production has just returned from another two-week spring break, thus the new quick hiatus made the filming shut down for a little while. However, it seems the release of the upcoming “The Last Ship” Season 4 won’t be affected as sources unveiled that its filming has already ended.