On the Friday episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Eric Forrester makes a disastrous decision. In the heat of the moment, he kisses Sheila Carter. He should know based on their past that this was a dangerous thing to do. Eric, however, is not thinking clearly. This decision was made from pain and his discomfort is only going to increase.

Eric lets his guard down

In the business world, Eric Forrester is second to none. When it comes to his personal life, however, he does not show himself to be a visionary. Eric shocked his family when he married Quinn Fuller.

who had a history of hurting people who get in her way. Everyone told him this was a bad idea, and now he is paying the price. Eric is hiding out in a motel after learning that Quinn has been kissing his stepson, Ridge. And his ex-wife Sheila has a room right down the hall.

Several of his family members knew about Ridge and Quinn but no one would tell him. Eric found out the truth because Sheila Carter returned to LA. and filled him in. Eric is grateful to his former spouse for being brave enough to inform him of what was going on. Now because he is angry with his family members Eric is letting his guard down. At the end of Friday's episode, Shelia moved in for the kill by kissing her ex. He did not push her away but kisses her back.

Sheila is now empowered and no one can stop her

Sheila returned to LA. for one reason only, and that is to reunite with her former husband. Initially, everyone was skeptical of her motives. She was wrongly arrested for shooting at Katie and a few days ago was shot by Steffy. Eric is so hurt at being betrayed by his wife and son that he is simply not thinking with a clear head.

Only a few days after learning of their flirting, he is kissing another woman. He cannot see that his former Mrs. has not changed.

Charlie and Quinn have both seen the dark and threatening side to Ms. Carter. She is determined to win Eric back at any cost. At first, she pretended to only be concerned for his welfare and would leave town once she knew all was well.

Now that Eric has kissed her, there will be no stopping this woman. Sheila Carter will keep her eyes on the prize.

The former wife of the Forrester patriarch will not be satisfied until Quinn, her memory, and her portrait on the wall are all removed from the grounds. Sheila is more than likely seeing herself as the lady of the manner and envisioning her own image on a picture on the wall. The two people who betrayed Eric, as well as those who kept the secret, will pay dearly because hell hath no fury like Sheila Carter scorned.