On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Steffy panicked and shot Sheila Carter. Spoiler alerts indicate that Eric is becoming more frustrated with his family members and beginning to take Ms. Carter's side. His granddaughter's actions will no doubt drive the wedge even deeper.

Steffy is out of control

Shiela Carter is considered the crazy woman on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Steffy is supposed to be the level headed business woman. Recent events, however, have Steffy making decisions that indicate she may be out of control. Last week Steffy called Caroline Spencer and got her to leave New York and return to LA.

She has also enlisted the assistance of Dollar Bill Spencer in an attempt to control her brother Thomas.

Steffy wants him to dump Sally Spectra and she is obsessed with making it happen. She even admitted to Sally that she was going to see to it that Thomas left her and "Spectra Fashions". Steffy then set her sights on finding her grandfather Eric. She has no idea that her father Ridge has been flirting with and kissing Eric's wife Quinn. When her grandfather found out he left home. And ended up in the same hotel that Shelia Carter is staying in.

Eric lashes out

Liam and Steffy tracked Eric's phone to the motel and found him there with Shelia, who insisted she was helping Eric and not hurting him.

When she went in her pocketbook to show Steffy that she had been to the house to get Eric's medicine, Steffy panicked. Liam yells "She's got a gun" and Steffy pulls out her own and shoots. Sheila appears to be hit in the arm and Eric looks stricken.

On Monday, the spoiler alert indicates the Forrester Patriarch will lash out at Steffy because she shot Shelia Carter.

He will probably explain the reason he left home and gave Shiela his keys to get his medication. At this point, Eric is angry that Quinn and Ridge have been fighting their feelings for one another. He is also angry that Brooke knew what was going on and did not tell him. Eric wants to be alone and does not want to deal with family members right now.

Shelia seems to be the only person who told him the truth and he appreciates it.

Now Eric must deal with the fact that his granddaughter has shot the one person who did not lie to him. There will no doubt be a lot of questions and the answers are going to be hard to deal with. For now, Sheila seems to have the upper hand. Quinn, however, will not give up on her husband. And Steffy will not abandon her grandfather. Eric, however, will not want anything to do with any of them for quite a while. And Steffy will really be livid when she finds out her father Ridge is the cause of all the drama.