On "The Bold and the Beautiful," Thomas Forrester and Sally Spectra are enjoying a new beginning in their relationship. They are in love and also working together at Spectra Fashions. Unknown to the couple is the fact that they just gained a new enemy. Dollar Bill Spencer has joined with Steffy Forrester to get Thomas away from Sally and reunite him with his niece, Caroline Spencer.

Steffy is out for revenge and enlisting allies

Steffy is angry that her brother is not only dating Sally Spectra, but that he resigned from the family business in order to help Sally with Spectra Fashions. Thomas keeps trying to bridge the gap between his sibling and the woman he loves but his sister is out for blood.

Unknown to Thomas, Steffy is the one who called Caroline in New York and convinced her to return to LA. On Tuesday, the two women agreed that they would do all they could to break up the relationship between Thomas and Sally, and see that Thomas is reunited with his baby mama and son Douglas.

On Wednesday a new ally was gained when Dollar Bill Spencer came on board. Bill was in his office talking to Liam, Wyatt, and Steffy. He said he was not a big fan of his niece reuniting with Thomas but definitely wanted the "clown show" Spectra Fashions put out of business. Bill wants the land where the Spectra building is located so he can erect a skyscraper. He is angry that Thomas gave Sally the money to pay her rent and prevent foreclosure of the building.

Bill will not be bested.

Fashion duel may be the end of Spectra Fashions -- as well as Thomas and Sally

A few weeks ago Thomas pitched an idea to raise money for charity that would bring Spencer Publications, Spectra Fashions, and Forrester Creations together at the Spencer Summit. He challenged his sister to a fashion duel with the company he is now running.

Steffy confidently tells Dollar Bill and his sons that Spectra is no match for Forrester, and that the competition will be the end of the company.

Dollar Bill says he does not like Sally and wants her to fail. He is all-in on the idea of using the duel at his summit to kill two birds wth one stone. He can crush Thomas, as well as the woman he loves, with one blow.

Bill's sole focus is owning the property. He says that he cannot, however, leave this mission solely in the hands of the Forresters, and implies that he has something of his own in the works to make sure Spectra goes down.

This means that Thomas and Sally have enemies trying to destroy their relationship, as well as their livelyhood. Caroline wants a family with Thomas and Douglas, Steffy wants her brother to be back with his baby mama, and Bill Spencer wants the Spectra land. All three want Sally run out of town on a rail, and it's all going to take place in Monte Carlo.

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