EXO has just returned to the music scene with the release of their new and fourth album. However, SM Entertainment continues to flood fans with surprises, revealing that something special will be released when a certain condition is met.

SM Entertainment plans to release something special

EXO recently kicked off their comeback with the release of their new studio album, “The War.” The boys have been promoting their album and their title track, Ko Ko Bop” on various music shows.

Shortly after the release of their new album, members have revealed that their recent comeback is simply the beginning of something huge they have planned for the year.

They further revealed that they are already working on a repackaged album, which is expected to be released soon.

It seems like another surprise is in the way as EXO continues to slay music charts and swoon fans with their live performances. Their agency, SM Entertainment, just posted a new announcement that concerns the music video for “Ko Ko Bop.”

The company officially announced that they have set up a special event called “Ko Ko Bop YouTube Event,” inviting and encouraging fans of EXO to join. SM Entertainment stated that they have organized the event to show their gratitude to the fans who never failed to support the popular idol group.

The event calls out to fans to help the Korean version of the music video for “Ko Ko Bop” to reach and surpass 30 million views on YouTube.

In exchange, SM Entertainment will reveal a special video featuring the boys.

Fans are speculating that the special video might be the official dance practice video of their title track, while some say that it might be a teaser for their upcoming repackaged album. The Korean version of the “Ko Ko Bop” music video currently has 15.89 million views on YouTube.

EXO continues to slay music charts

EXO released their new album on July 18 and they have just started performing on various music shows. The group continues to impress fans and the music industry as they hold on to the top spots of various music charts all over the world.

They recently broke records for having the most album -orders and even became the first K-Pop artist to top iTunes’ world album charts in more than 40 countries.

As of today, the group remains no.1 on album charts in 18 countries including Japan, Taiwan, and Philippines.

EXO’s “The War” album is still the top K-Pop album in United States, Australia, and New Zealand. The said album has also topped Apple’s genre-specific charts in several countries such as Finland and Greece.