The creator of the original comics of The Walking Dead has revealed that he is ready to end the saga. Meanwhile, the spin-off series,Fear the Walking Dead reveals a new trailer for its third season.

Original creator eyeing to wrap up 'TWD' comics soon

Robert Kirkman revealed at the San Diego Comic Con that he is drawing close to the completion of the popular saga, “The Walking Dead.” It was first published in October 2003 and it has spawned at least 169 issues.

It was then picked up for a television series adaptation, which premiered in October 2010.

The show ran for seven seasons and it is already set to release an eighth season after an early renewal in 2016.

Kirkman announced that he is getting ready to wrap up the comics. He explained that he actually already had a definitive idea on how to conclude the series.

The idea came to him a couple of years ago and explained that he has been working on the comics towards that planned ending. Kirkman added that with the goal already embedded in his head, he exactly knows where he is heading and how he’s going to get there.

Kirkman, of course, did not reveal the big ending but opened up about the difficulties he had working on the original comics. He revealed that even before the television series was aired, he thought of another ending for the saga but eventually threw it away.

He admitted that the longer the comics keep going on, the harder it is for him to keep things interesting. Kirkman shared that he was able to keep things fresh after setting up a definite conclusion to the series.

Fans of the television series won’t have to worry about the comics ending because it was explained that it won’t affect the show.

AMC has led the story of the show to different events even though it initially followed the comics.

‘FTWD’ Season 3 returns with new trailer

Meanwhile, “Fear the Walking Dead” is gearing up for a return this year. The companion series revealed its new trailer at the San Diego Comic Con.

The said companion series premiered in August 2015 and it was renewed for more seasons after attracting more than 10 million total viewers.

The third season, which consists of 16 episodes, kicked off on June 4 this year and went on a hiatus after airing the eighth episode on July 9.

“Fear The Walking Dead” season 3 is set to return with the second half of the installment on Sept. 10. AMC released a new teaser clip to give fans a look at what’s in store for the rest of the episodes.