Taylor Swift is reportedly in love again, as she is dating Joe Alwyn. Fans are wondering how the "Bad Blood" singer maintains a low-key romance with her actor boyfriend.

According to new reports, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn wants to keep their romance low-key. Both of them want to keep their relationship private, which is a contrast to the previous relationships that the "Blank Space" hitmaker had.

How Taylor Swift keeps her relationship with Joe Alwyn privately

Taylor Swift continues to avoid the spotlight and social media, as she reportedly wants to lay low on the negativity, she might receive from bashers.

The good news is that she is doing well and that she is reportedly in love again.

In a recent report from E! Online, Swift and Joe Alwyn continue to date privately. The couple is reportedly taking extreme measures as they want their relationship to work out.

The publication unveiled that the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" hitmaker has been traveling back and forth between Nashville and England. Meanwhile, Alwyn had already visited Swift when she was in the United States twice. The couple kept their visits and travels on the down-low.

An insider claimed that the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer does not like to let her neighbors home when she is at home. She also does not want to spill more details about her love life.

The publication revealed that Alwyn and Swift officially became a couple in May. Perhaps, this is one of the most private relationships that Swift has ever shared with a celebrity.

According to reports, Swift flew to London and spent a few weeks with Alwyn. The two also traveled to the United States together and were driven in a chauffeured car together with Swift's bodyguards.

Reports stated that they had lots of bags with them, which hints that they might be traveling for a while.

Swift tired of her feud with Katy Perry

On the other side of the story, it seems like Swift is already tired of the feud she has with Katy Perry. Us Weekly reported that a close friend of Swift unveiled that the "Teardrops of my Guitar" singer does not want to comment on the statements of Perry.

Swift reportedly wants to avoid the drama that is why she does not want to talk about it. Perhaps, the two music makers will be able to patch things up privately.

Fans of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are hoping that they would be able to forgive each other and be friends again in the future.