President Donald Trump is undeniably one of the most controversial Presidents of the United States. Even before running for the presidency, many celebrities and prominent personalities already had something or the other against him. One of the said celebrities who has been publicly expressing her opinions against the current U.S. president is Chrissy Teigen. Most of her opinions were shared on social media, but the sassy-mouthed supermodel also has no problem in expressing her anti-Trump opinions in live interviews. Apparently, Trump could no longer tolerate Teigen's trolling and ended up blocking her on Twitter.

According to Los Angeles Times, Chrissy Teigen herself proudly announced on her Twitter account that Trump has finally blocked her. She attached a screen grab when it can be clearly seen that she could no longer access Trump's Twitter account because she has already been blocked.

Nine years in the making

Chrissy Teigen's brave trolling of Donald Trump cannot be categorized as simply joining the bandwagon of the numerous political protesters. In fact, her anti-Trump disposition can be traced back to nine years ago, which means that she's only a year short of a decade of standing up against Donal Trump.

That said, throngs of anti-Trump supporters applauded the supermodel for standing her ground and bravely but wittingly voicing out her opinions against the current U.S.

president. The "Lip Sync Battle" co-host shared that her latest tweet to Trump, which said "lol no one likes you," might have been the last straw that triggered the Republican president to block her on Twitter.

From 'you're fired' to 'you're blocked'

Now that Donald Trump has already blocked Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, it's not really a guarantee that the latter will stop trolling him.

With approximately 6.44 million followers as of posting, a social block from Trump is expected to not affect the supermodel's political stand and posting habits on social media.

Meanwhile, many are wondering if Chrissy Teigen is the first example of many more blocks to come. It is already a known fact that a lot of trolling has been going around in social media, with a lot of "keyboard warriors" more than ready to give their snappy and sometimes below the belt comebacks to the current U.S. President. That said, many are wondering if there will be more blocking of anti-Trump trolls on social media in the upcoming days.