Netflix has finally debuted the first trailer for "Stranger Things" Season 2 during the recent San Diego Comic Con on Saturday. Apparently, it looked as if the trailer has been exposing a lot of thrills this time which also includes the return of Eleven on the upcoming season. A report from E! News has confirmed that "Stranger Things," which is slated to return airing on October 27, has made use of Vincent Price's voice over on the official trailer.

Further, the trailer also clearly featured the most epic Ghostbusters' Halloween costumes in between Nancy and Steve.

It was also believed that both have learned that this new monster is not only after of Will but everyone else. Without a doubt, this season 2 will give the audience the kind of thrills that they deserve.

Eleven paves return

One of the most exciting parts of the "Stranger Things" season 2 trailer is when it featured the return of Eleven. Hence, his fans will no longer be disappointed as this fan-favorite character has finally made its way to season 2. Meanwhile, it was also revealed on the first and official trailer that Mike has not give up in finding his old friend yet.

As the new season is about to air this October, Netflix has officially given the next season's description.

It is known that the series will center on the 1984 era and will follow the different citizens of Hawkins, Indiana. The upcoming season will also feature Will who will be rescued from the Upside Down yet another threat will threaten the entire world.

New characters

During the comic con, the audience was thrilled when the trailer featured new faces for the cast members.

It was reported that there would return characters and new actors who are slated to appear on the upcoming season. Sean Astin is slated to play the role of Bob. On the other hand, Winona Ryder will also play the role of Joyce. Further, Paul Reiser is set for the role as the head doctor for Dr. Owen's lab.

Meanwhile, among the characters who will join the growing cast lists are the siblings Dacre Montgomery and Sadie Sink.

Without a doubt, there are lots of thrills that viewers will expect from this season 2. As the trailer continued, it also featured the traumatized town of Hawkins and while all of them struggle with finding someone new who is still normal.

As compared to the last season, the characters of this season 2 are slated to face bigger threats, and they will need to take their ghost busting skills to a whole new level.