Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, who were known dating each other for a couple of months, have opted to celebrate their Birthday together for the first time in Miami. J.Lo will turn 48 on Monday and her boyfriend, A-Rod, already had thrown her a surprise celebration last Saturday in Miami.

As per a report from E! News, the actor has also opted to celebrate his upcoming birthday on that the same day. Meanwhile, A-Rod also would be turning 42-year old on Thursday. Hence, everyone has shared their birthday wishes to the sweet couple including their families and closest friends.

Celebration with family

During that celebration on Saturday, J.Lo was spotted looking gorgeous in her black sheer-cut dress. Meanwhile, A-Rod has also sported his blue suit for the said event. The celebration was joined by their entire family and both of their children. A-Rod has also invited about fifty of their friends for the said surprise birthday bash.

Further, the celebration was also attended by some of J.Lo's friends and back up dancers. Indeed, it has been a great party for the 48-year old star. Without a doubt, the couple was spotted looking so happy and deeply in love with each other on that romantic night.

Dancing the night away

As the birthday celebration continued, J.Lo and A-Rod have celebrated their special day with lots of drinks and music.

Both were seen drunk and just dancing all night long. Apparently, both didn't only celebrate their birthdays, but at the same time, they also had celebrated the kind of love that they share for each other. Meanwhile, A-Rod has also shared some of their photos on Instagram, and he wrote a caption, "Happy birthday to us!"

A-Rod was also seen in all smiles as he posed for a photo together with J.Lo and their children.

It seemed that the children from the two parties have already got along each other so well. On the other hand, J.Lo simply couldn't hide how happy she was as she wore her best mile in all her photos posted online.

Apart from their pictures, A-Rod also posted on his Instagram story a video of him and J.Lo while singing, "Sweet Caroline." Further, he also shared a snap of the birthday cake that he has given her girlfriend.

It was all printed in gold, silver, and white frosting. On the caption, A-Rod simply wrote, "Familia." Such night was indeed the best birthday celebration that the couple has ever had for the first time. Birthday wishes to the lovely couple!