The buildup continues in the second episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones on HBO. And in this one, we are treated to a surprise reunion between Arya and her dire wolf, Nymeria. Here’s what happened to the rest of the episode.


After hearing from an old friend at some tavern that Jon Snow had finally become the king of Winterfell, Arya decides to return home and postpone her plan to kill Cersei immediately. And on her way, she encounters a pack of the wolf being led by Nymeria.

However, the reunion is not a hopeful one. Just when the two seemingly shows that they would finally be together again after years of being separated, the dire wolf declines Arya’s invitation to come with her to Winterfell.

In Winterfell, after reading Tyrion’s invitation to meet Dany, Jon decides to accept the summons, thinking that the Unsullied and Dothraki Screamers would be extremely helpful in fighting off the Night King’s army. However, the real reason why he’s adamant in going is that of the information he received from Samwell Tarly regarding his discovery of the massive mountain of dragon glass on Dragonstone.

After discussing the summons with the rest of the houses, despite their disagreement, Jon finally decides to go and leaves Sansa in charge during his absence.

King's Landing

Cersei continues to prepare for the upcoming war against the dragon queen. She summons for the leaders of the noble houses to win their allegiance.

After the meeting, in the halls under the Red Keep, Cersei and Qyburn proceeds to discuss how they will fight Daenerys’ three fully grown dragons. Qyburn then presents the ballista he’s working on that can pierce through dragon’s skull.

Later on, Jaime asks Randyll Tarly to be his general for the upcoming war. Randyll has second thoughts, but Jaime tells him that if he agrees, he’ll make him the Warden of the South.


In the Citadel, after an examination by an Archmaester, Jorah learns that he only has six months left before finally getting overwhelmed by his greyscale disease. Seeing this, and after reading about a (risky) cure for the sickness, Sam decides to take a shot at curing Jorah Mormont’s greyscale despite the Archmaester’s prohibition.


Meanwhile, in Dragonstone, Dany and his Council discusses their preparation to conquer Westeros. Dany, being extremely wary of Vary’s still unclear allegiance, decides to make him swear fealty to her.

Tyrion proposes to attempt conquering the Seven Kingdoms without bloodshed as much as they can, only for Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria Sand to disagree. However, Dany takes Tyrion’s side, stating that she’d rather rule people and not ashes. The plan is to use the Tyrell and Dornish armies to lay siege on Cersei’s doorsteps at King’s Landing while the Unsullied and Dothraki Screamers attempt to take the Lannister’s source of power, the Casterly Rock.

Later on, Greyworm informs Dany that Melisandre, the Red Priestess wants to discuss something with her.

The Red Priestess tells her the prophecy of the prince who is promised and the impending doom of the Long Night in Valyrian tongue. Dany says that she is no prince, only for Missandei to translate it correctly for her and says it could also refer to a princess.

Later on, while following Tyrion’s plan, Yara, Theon, and Ellaria sails for Dorne. Unfortunately, they get attacked by Euron’s fleet. Yara discerns during the fight that the enemy’s force is too powerful as she sees her ship aflame. After killing the Sand Snakes and capturing Ellaria, Euron captures Yara and taunts Theon. And Theon, still having trouble coping with his fears due to getting broken by Ramsay and getting turned into Reek, decides to jump overboard and leave his sister’s fate to their uncle’s arms.