Steph and Ayesha Curry tried to give the best for their daughter Riley as she celebrated her fifth birthday on Wednesday. According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Riley has celebrated a kind of birthday that any kid would simply wish to have. Her parents, Steph and Ayesha, organized her a unicorn-themed birthday celebration. Meanwhile, Ayesha, the proud mom, took to Instagram and shared some snap shots of her daughter's big day.

It was believed that Riley had a pastel-color inspired celebration with lots of unicorns around her. Further, Ayesha also shared a short clip which featured the place where the celebration took place.

Colorful balloons and cute-decorated tables were evident during the birthday celebration.

A unicorn-kind of celebration

In one of the video clips shared by Ayesha on Instagram, it clearly showed Riley being excited about her big day. She was seen wearing a pink dress and a tiara as she checked on her table for the decorations of her tea party. Without a doubt, Riley's birthday bash was a kind of event anyone would wish to have. Meanwhile, the entire venue was also decorated with colorful balloons as was seen on Ayesha's photos online.

Meanwhile, Steph's wife also shared another photo of Riley's younger sister, Ryan. The 2-year old kid was also seen wearing her light-pink dress with a unicorn headband on her head.

One of the eye-catching photos shared by Ayesha online was the big unicorn cake for Riley. Indeed, Steph and Ayesha will always do what they can to make their daughter happy.

Magical drinks and unicorn water

Apart from the colorful decorations during the event, Riley's birthday was also filled with magical drinks and unicorn water which were both enjoyed by the kids.

The drink is believed to be a mixture of a raspberry, peach, and lemonade with a delicious splash of grenadine.

As the celebration continued, Ayesha also shared a photo snap of her and Steph on Instagram and she wrote a caption that said, "Parents of a 2 and 5-year old." Meanwhile, it was discovered that Steph, the NBA superstar, also dedicated a sweet and emotional message to her daughter Riley on Instagram.

Steph clearly stated how thankful he is for having Riley into their life.

As Steph continued his message, he shared that he loved everything about Riley and being a father to her is his major and prime responsibility. Without a doubt, Steph and Ayesha's family is a great inspiration to many people.