Steph and Ayesha Curry have recently celebrated the second birthday of their daughter, Ryan, through a sweet social media post. On Monday, the Currys went out to celebrate the little girl's big day; however, it seemed that the little Ryan wasn't in the mood for pictures. The little Curry was snapped by her parents, and she was caught covering her face with her hands. She was placed by her parents on her stroller while having a sunny day out during her birthday.

On Instagram, Steph Curry, the NBA superstar, has posted the photo of her young daughter.

Steph wrote a caption that says, "I'm a sorry daddy. No pics on the bday for me, please. Just let me live!" Apparently, Steph and Ayesha's daughter was camera-shy. Despite it all, her two years of existence in this world has been filled with adorable memories and moments together with her parents.

Adorable Ryan

Meanwhile, Ayesha Curry, Ryan's mom, also took to Instagram and posted a sweet message for her daughter. She greeted her child the happiest second birthday. She further shared that Ryan's vibrant personality is very contagious to the entire family. Ayesha, in return, also added that she loves her daughter very much. As she ended her caption, Ayesha wrote, "I just want to cuddle you forever and ever."

Meanwhile, a report from Entertainment Tonight also shared that Ayesha also took to social media and shared Ryan's photo of her little bedroom.

Apparently, the room was ready for the celebration since it was all decorated with colorful lights and balloons. Ayesha further shared that she can't believe how time flies and that her little girl is already turning two years old.

The cute family

The Curry family has always been adored by lots of fans. During the recently concluded NBA finals, the entire family of Steph was revered by the online world as they all posed for a family photo together.

It has been believed that they had the cutest family ever. Meanwhile, the proud mom also shared that her 4-year old daughter, Riley, has also been the sweetest sister to Ryan.

She also admired how Ryan believed in her hopes, dreams, and faith in life. Moreover, as Ayesha continued her sweet message online, she wished that her daughter will continue to grow while keeping God on her forefront. She also wanted to be the right example to her daughters. Amid her post, Ayesha has considered herself being too emotional as her daughter Ryan celebrated another year older.