Nothing is ever random in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and this is why fans spend hours poring through every possible easter egg and clue that each episode leaves. It has become quite a habit that that for the “Game of Thrones” Season 7 world premiere, eagle eyed fans quickly caught a subtle change which could set the direction for one character, in particular, Sansa Stark.

Hair and wardrobe

Even amid the bustle of decision making among Northern lords after their victory in regaining Winterfell from Ramsey Bolton in the “Game of Thrones” Season 7 premiere episode, fans were quick to notice the change in Sansa’s hairstyle.

While many casual viewers would dismiss the change as simply the eldest Stark daughter expressing a different style, there may have been a deeper reason for the updated hairdo.

Fan theories pointed out that Sansa’s hairstyle was exactly the same hairstyle as Cersei Lannister before she became the prisoner of the Sparrows. The theory was cemented when, after defying her brother Jon Snow on his decision to not strip the Umbers and Karstarks of their family home and title, she warned her brother about the lengths that Cersei would go through to kill her enemies. She also said that she learned a lot from Cersei when she was staying at King’s Landing leading many to believe that she may become as scheming and unforgiving as Cersei, moving forward.

In an interview with Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, the actress said that even Sansa’s clothing was not chosen randomly. She explained that her new wardrobe is noticeably more wrapped up and tight which represent that she is trying to protect herself from those who would do her harm.

Parallels with Cersei

While Cersei and Sansa have always been at odds with each other since the beginning of "Game of Thrones," both women have lived in parallels for the longest time.

Cersei may be the queen of the Seven Kingdoms now but her journey has not been easy.

While Sansa recognizes the authority of her brother Jon in leading the north, there is obviously some friction as she feels like she is being ignored. In the six-season run of “Game of Thrones,” Sansa has witnessed the beheading of her father Ned Stark, experienced the abuse of the Lannister family and has been used as a pawn in the intricate game of politics in King’s Landing.

She has been married off twice – once to Tyrion Lannister and the second time to Ramsay Bolton who sexually and physically abused her as well as tortured her mentally. It comes naturally that she will not trust easily but her role in Jon’s victory in the Battle of the Bastards has empowered her to rely on herself.

Cersei may have been one of the most manipulative and scheming characters in the “Game of Thrones” series but she has had her fair share of heartache that has embittered her as well. For the longest time, she was ignored and used by her father as a pawn to forge political alliances. She has suffered the death of all her offspring and she has been subjected to public humiliation and derision.

In return, she killed off her enemies in one fell swoop and gained the throne. The question would be, whether Sansa will stop at nothing to wrest the throne of power from her own brother or will her loyalty as a Stark prevail in the end?