Leonardo DiCaprio may be a big Hollywood star but the businessman and billionaire Elon Musk sure knows how to make a grand entrance in a party. The business tycoon was seen arriving a beach party in a suit, no less!

Musk accompanied by actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom were apparently spotted at a Beach Party in Malibu. Josh Duboff and Julie Miller said, during a Vanity Fair "In the Limelight" podcast that the trio arrived at the party but Musk received all the attention due to the way he dressed.

The party took place last July 4, according to the podcast.

It is not clear why the businessman was wearing a suit in a beach party but his presence, alongside the big stars sure made the party more lively.

Beach Party

Based on the podcast, the party was filled with "Bohemian Girls" complete with a DJ. The setup was decorated with an American flag, which goes to show that the event was to commemorate 4th of July. Both the podcast hosts estimated that the guest could probably about under the age of 22. The ambiance was celebratory with shots being passed around and many of the guest vaping.

The trio appeared half-way during the party. While it is more common to see DiCaprio and Bloom in such gatherings, many were surprised to see the Tesla and SpaceX CEO with them.

“Then we also see Elon Musk, which is not the person we were expecting to see,” Miller said on the podcast. “But if everyone else is very casually dressed, Elon is in a full suit.”

Musk and DiCaprio

Elon Musk and Leonardo DiCaprio have met a few times. DiCaprio even expressed his intent to travel to Mars when Musk offered him a seat on his future manned mission to the red planet.

Musk also appeared in DiCaprio's National Geographic climate change documentary called "Before the flood". The two share the same passion when it comes to renewable energy and the environment. Thus, it is not surprising to see them together.

Of course, it is expected that the trio will be treated as VVIP's during the party.

They allegedly headed to the house that was off limits for the rest of the guest. The podcast even added that about 10 pizzas arrived shortly after the trio were spotted.

Meanwhile, DiCaprio and Bloom were dressed casually in t-shirts and baseball caps. Nothing new for actors who are used to going out incognito. DiCaprio is known for his ways especially with the ladies. This is the reason why some were highly intrigued by the new camaraderie being shown by the businessman and one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelor.

The SpaceX CEO just recently confirmed through social media that he is dating Amber Heard. He married Talulah Riley twice and divorced her two times as well. This means that the businessman does not shy away from the public when it comes to his relationships.

Later that night, DiCaprio and Bloom were seen leaving the party without Musk. They even reportedly took home some pizza with them but leaving their over-dressed friend behind.