Safaree Samuels took to Twitter to say that he wanted his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, to be the mother of his children. Later, he claimed that he was hacked and he was not the one who tweeted such statement.

BET reported that the Tweet was up on July 27 in Samuels’ account and before it was deleted, many took screen shots of it. The post said that he really wants a kid and Minaj was supposed to have his child. The last part of the tweet reads, “I can’t believe this is life.”

Samuels’ statement came after Meek Mill interview

The supposed tweet of Samuels came after Meek Mill went on an interview saying that Minaj was the one.

Mill was accused of stealing Minaj from Samuels. Minaj and Samuels were together for 12 years before calling it quits in 2014.

In the interview of Mill, he said that he has wanted Minaj his whole life and he used to talk and rap about it. As for the break-up from Minaj, Mill said that “breaking up with anybody you love is a loss.”

Samuels and Minaj have been talking trash against each other in the past

Since their break-up in 2014, Minaj and Samuels have been making statements during interviews regarding their relationship. The worst beef between the two came in 2015 after Samuels filed a lawsuit against Minaj as he claimed that he was involved in the writing and creative process for “The Pinkprint” album of the female rapper.

Samuels claimed he was hacked

Hours after Samuels deleted the tweet from his account, he took to Twitter to say that he was hacked and was not the one who posted that statement. He said, “I did not tweet that yesterday.” Samuels also added that he does not even talk or express himself the way the tweet was constructed. He pointed out that anyone who knows him would know that he would never tweet anything like that out of the blue.

Other fans believed that Samuels might have been part of the new MTV game show called “SafeWord.” The show dares celebrities to do different kinds of things. Minaj did not comment on Samuels’ reported tweet.

Minaj hanging out with rapper Nas

Minaj was recently spotted hanging out with rapper Nas. The male hip-hop artist reportedly revealed that he is into the “Anaconda” rapper but he believes she is not yet ready after her split from Mill.

Minaj reportedly came on too strong when she met Nas and has been giving him mixed signals. Minaj reportedly told Nas that she wants to take things slow. Both Nas and Minaj are yet to comment on this report.