Nicki Minaj has proven her strong social media game once again as she recently set the Internet ablaze with a post containing one emoji - a baby emoji! It had no captions or words which made the imagination of her fans go into overdrive. Is the "Super Bass" singer hinting that she is pregnant? Or is she dropping some clues about a new baby also known as a new album?

While it would be great news to Nicki Minaj's fandom if she was really pregnant, some fans were also quick to put in their own interpretations of the cryptic Tweet. One of the most logical theories pertaining to the 34-year old rapper's tweet is that it may just be referring to her collaboration with DJ Khaled for his album, "Grateful," where his seven-month-old son, Asahd, is the album cover.

New baby, new album?

Posting a baby emoji on her Twitter account for all her 21 million followers to see has definitely spiked the curiosities of the fans. The possibility of Nicki Minaj becoming a mom at 34-years old is a definitely great thing to consider, but since she has not confirmed or denied anything as of writing, the fans have no choice but to wait and speculate.

The possibility that the baby emoji might represent a new album is also very plausible. According to People, Nicki Minaj revealed in January 2017 that she was busy working on new music for her fourth album. The interview happened just a few weeks after her split from then-boyfriend, Meek Mill.

Keep calm and like some comments

It seems like Nicki Minaj has pretty much expected the reactions that her baby emoji post would elicit from her fans, and she seems to be enjoying the ride.

According to People, reps for Nicki Minaj have not released an official statement regarding the issue as of writing.

However, the "Anaconda" rapper has been reportedly lurking on her Twitter account, like some comments and theories about her latest controversial tweet. Here's where it gets more interesting - some of the comments that Nicki Minaj liked on Twitter were actually about her being pregnant.

It's still unclear whether she liked those tweets because they were funny or because she wanted to commend the individuals who guessed it right.

Not the first pregnancy rumor for Nicki

Celebrities like Nicki Minaj have been bombarded with pregnancy rumors at least once in their careers. This is not the first instance that the "Bang Bang" singer has been linked to pregnancy rumors while she was still together with Meek Mill. However, this is the first time that she herself started the pregnancy speculations with a baby emoji.