Both of Nicki Minaj's exes, Meek Mill and Safaree Samuels were involved in a confrontation over the weekend where Mill's crew chased down Safaree while he was doing an interview with "TMZ" about Minaj. The Altercation reportedly occurred in West Hollywood at DJ Khaled's pre-BET awards party. Meek's crew chased down Safaree and one of his buddies and apparently roughed up both individuals before they were able to escape by running off. Meek and Safaree have exchanged shade with each other over social media and viral videos but have never been able to cross paths until Saturday.

Safaree and Meek's history

Safaree and Minaj's relationship ended back in 2014 and shortly after Nicki began dating Mill. Mill and Minaj's relationship lasted until the beginning of 2017 where she decided to post her newly single status via an Instagram post. Upon getting with Meek, it was rumored that Minaj and Samuels broke up because she allegedly cheated on him with Mill. Since their 2014 breakup, Safaree has been very vocal about his disappointment with his ex and how the relationship has affected him.

Last season on "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood," Safaree was cast as a new member of the show and was dating one of the stars of the show Nikki Baby. Many saw the move as a desperate way of trying to replace his ex with Nikki Baby because they share the same name and similar body features.

However, their relationship seemed to be something he was more interested in while Nikki Baby continued dating other people.

The aftermath

According to TMZ, "Safaree didn't mince words afterwards ... challenging Meek to a fight and a whole lot more." In a video posted after the fight, Samuels explained in a frustrating tone how disappointed he was and he also claimed Meek is afraid of rap artist "The Game," someone who Mill recently had a rap feud with that led to both artists making diss records about one another. reported that The Game was approached at a basketball game by a TMZ cameraman and asked his opinion on the incident that had occurred between Meek and Safaree and their clash over Minaj. The Game replied, "that's their business, Ima mind mine. That's two grown men, let them do their thing." However, he does feel that the two guys should rather fight one on one instead of in the fashion that took place on Saturday. "Why not meet up and fight one on one? It's only fair. However they wanna do it, just get it done," Game added.