Jill Duggar Dillard of the series "Counting On" has finally returned to social media, but fans aren't convinced that this means she's in the clear. The star has been suspiciously silent since giving birth to her son, Samuel Scott after 40 hours of labor and a C-section. Most of the Duggar women prefer to give birth at home, and Jill likely attempted to do so before it became apparent that it would be extremely dangerous for her to do so.

Cryptic Instagram photos

After giving birth to Samuel Scott, Jill Duggar has been posting cryptic Instagram posts and no photos of herself.

After she gave birth to her elder son, Israel, Jill posted images of him almost immediately, as well as herself happily showing him off. However, her images since giving birth to Samuel have mostly been of Bible verses discussing something about a hardship or things not going to plan. As a result, many fans believe that Jill Duggar may have actually had a hysterectomy after giving birth to her son, or something else went wrong. They also believe that perhaps Samuel isn't in the best health, despite the fact that Jill's sister, Jessa Duggar posted a video to the TLC website claiming that Jill and her baby were both doing well. It is suspected that Jill may have some kind of physical problem, but fans aren't ruling out something mental being an issue either.

Photos don't dispel rumors

Jill Duggar posted the first photo of herself after giving birth to Samuel in the form of her husband Derick Dillard and her sitting in a car eating pizza. She says it's a "date night" and that she's thankful to one of their friends for giving them "reward points" so they could have a free pizza. However, many fans are convinced that this is an old recycled photo she put up in order to keep fans from worrying about whatever is actually going on healthwise.

Some even say that the photo taken was one posted just after the birth of her eldest son, Israel.

Most affectionate

Despite the rumors that there is something seriously wrong with Jill Duggar and her baby, Jill and her husband were voted "most affectionate couple" by her siblings. It seems the pair the bond have with one another is fairly intense, so if they are facing some issues with the birth of Samuel Scott, hopefully, the strong love they have for one another will help them get through to the other side.

Neither the couple nor any of the Duggar siblings have addressed whether or not something has happened.