Ryan Gosling has finally admitted that he has been in constant state of nervousness whenever he works with Harrison Ford on their upcoming movie, "Blade Runner." Gosling has shared his thoughts on Entertainment Tonight during the recent San Diego Comic Con on Saturday. Apparently, it has been the first time for the "Blade Runner" cast members to meet in one place last weekend.

Gosling is one huge fan of Ford, and he cannot deny the fact that he was nervous as he learned that he would be working with the veteran actor. On the other hand, Gosling and Ford also met at the red carpet event, and both actors were seen joking with each other.

Further, Ford also shared that he felt the privilege to be given the chance of working with the 36-year old actor.

A dream come true

Amid the tension he felt, Gosling has revealed that working closely with Ford on one project is apparently a dream come true for actors like him. Even though he confessed that he has been in his constant state of nervousness, the 36-year old actor was still thankful for the chance of working with Ford in the "Blade Runner." He felt surreal to be part of the movie since he believed that the upcoming film is a major component of the history.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Gosling has revealed that he is a great admirer of the veteran actor, Ford. He felt fortunate to be working with him and to get the chance of hanging out with him more often.

Meeting Ford for the first time has made Gosling conclude that the actor is way cooler in person compared to the characters he used to play in films.

Iconic movie

During the San Diego Comic Con, Gosling has shared that he felt fortunate being part of the iconic movie like "Blade Runner." Meanwhile, Ford also revealed that the kind movie they are working on is something that can stand alone.

He further shared that it won't require viewers to see the first movie for them to understand the upcoming sequel.

Ford believed that this 1982's "Blade Runner" is one great film in the making. He also shared that such film has carried through a significant story which will indeed leave viewers satisfied. As for now, further details of the movie were not revealed yet.

Nevertheless, it was reported that production is putting their best for the said project in order to give their viewers the best.

Meanwhile, the iconic "Blade Runner" is slated to be released on the big screen by October 6. The movie is under the Alcon, WB, and Sony productions. Further, the most recent trailer for the film is already available for viewing.