Chester Bennington, the "Linkin Park" singer, has died due to suicide by hanging as identified by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. As per a report from E! News, Bennington's death is now closed after several days that he was found dead at his home. Further, police authorities had confirmed on Thursday that they immediately responded to one of the reports from his neighborhood and later on identified the incident as a suicide.

The famous singer was 41-year old when he choosed to end his life. He has been with his wife, Talinda Bennington, and both of them have shared their lives with kids, Tyler, their son, and twin daughters, Lilly and Lila.

The initial news of his death has shocked his fans. However, everyone still prayed for him to find peace on his passing.

Hanged on the bedroom door

As per the Los Angeles Coroner’s investigation, it was found out that Bennington was found hanging on his bedroom door. Apparently, he was pronounced dead by the authorities at exactly 9:08 on that Thursday morning. His suicide has been discovered by his housekeeper and has immediately called the law enforcers for help.

On Friday, it was reported that Bennington's body has to undergo autopsy and toxicology in order to confirm the real cause of his death. Apparently, it was found out in the toxicology report that what happened was a suicide by hanging.

Meanwhile, the Coroner has expected to have the results by the first week next month; however, the autopsy reports arrived earlier than what was expected. Amid his passing, Bennington's music will continue to live on.

"Linkin Park" will always be remembered through the legacy he left through his music.

As of now, his family is yet to give the details of his funeral. Fans are also sending their comforts to the family and friends he left behind.

Canceled tour

Amid his untimely death, some of their shows were reported to be canceled. "Linkin Park" is supposed to perform on July 27 for their “One More Light North American Tour.” However, on Monday, his band mates have issued an official statement that they cannot continue on their shows yet and they also penned an emotional letter to their brother.

As they wrote the letter, his co-band mates have thanked Bennington for their life and the gift of friendship that they all had shared together. They revealed that they cannot express yet as to what the future holds for them. However, they were all thankful since their lives have been made better because of Bennington.