Ryan Gosling has finally spoken up about the infamous Oscars incident. At the 2017 Academy Awards, the wrong Best Picture winner was announced. The incident was due to an envelope mix-up.

During the ordeal, Gosling was pictured laughing and covering his face. His reaction to the incident attracted considerable attention online. On Wednesday, the actor revealed that he was laughing out of relief.

Laughter was out of relief

At the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, Gosling spoke for the first time about the Oscars mix up between "La La Land" and "Moonlight." He explained that the panicked expressions of the audience led him to believe someone had been hurt.

The scene was described by Gosling as "surreal." The victory of “Moonlight” also came as a surprise because “La La Land” was considered by many film critics to be the definite winner in the category.

The 36-year-old added: "I thought there was some kind of medical situation, and I had this worst-case scenario playing out in my head. And then I just heard ‘Moonlight’ won and I was so relieved that I started laughing."

No hard feelings

"La La Land" won six Academy Awards. However, the Best Picture award went to the movie "Moonlight". Gosling emphasized that he was happy for the "Moonlight" filmmakers and that there are no hard feelings between the two movies.

Gosling stated that he is a big fan of Barry Jenkins, director of "Moonlight".

He explained: "Truthfully, I was also so thrilled that ‘Moonlight’ won. It’s such a groundbreaking film, made for a million dollars, and an incredible achievement and I’m so happy for them that they were being recognized."

Two nominations but no wins

Gosling has been nominated twice in the Best Actor category at the Academy Awards.

In 2007, he was nominated for playing a drug-addicted teacher in "Half Nelson", but lost to Forest Whitaker. He was also nominated this year for playing a jazz pianist but lost to Casey Affleck.

The Canadian-born actor became famous in the romance movie “The Notebook”. However, he has since taken on a wide range of critically acclaimed roles.

Gosling also made his directorial debut with the movie “Lost River”, which also starred his long-time partner, Eva Mendes. The movie received mostly negative reviews, but it showed that Gosling is a very ambitious filmmaker who is not afraid to take a risk.