Justin Beiber has just canceled the remaining dates for his "Purpose" world tour due to unforeseen circumstances through his official website on Monday. The 23-year old singer was believed to have at least 12 concerts left for him to complete his schedule. However, all his fans were left in surprise when the superstar was quick to decide the matter. Further, it was also reported that ticket refunds would be given to the concert goers in due time as per a report from Entertainment Tonight.

Singer is exhausted

Amid the cancellation of his world tour dates, it was also speculated that the 23-year old singer had been exhausted lately which could be the reason behind his decision.

Further, a source has also told Entertainment Tonight that Beiber has been into 150 shows on his tour and was able to perform in six different continents in just a year and a half. Hence, it is safe to say that he might just want to take some rest.

Meanwhile, Beiber has always thanked and adore all his fans for all their support, and he doesn't want to disappoint them. Despite the cancellation of his shows, the young singer has continued to thank his supporters for understanding his decision and for being with him on his previous shows. As he announced on Monday, the singer has always kept his fans on his mind amid his decision. Nevertheless, it was reported that the show has to be canceled for the meantime.

Drained and unhappy

In line with the recent news, it was also recalled that Beiber was really struggling to continue on his tour lately. He was reported even canceling his "meet and greet" during his tours. He was even noticed to be drained and unhappy during his shows. Hence, after careful consideration, the singer has finally decided to cancel his "Purpose" world tour for the mean time.

In one of his Instagram post, the young singer wrote that he wanted to make everybody smile. However, he doesn't want to do it at his expense leaving him being mentally and emotionally exhausted.

He also added that he doesn't want his tiredness and depression to affect his performance on stage. To recall, Beiber has once performed in Manchester, and his vocals were really unpleasant to listen. Thus, he walked off the stage, and some of his fans had booed him for what happened.

Apparently, it is something that Beiber doesn't want to happen again. Hence, instead of disappointing his fans all over again, canceling the remaining shows is the best option he has considered.