Anne Hathaway could be living the fantastic plastic life in the "Barbie" live-action. Reports state that the Oscar-winning actress is being eyed to replace Amy Schumer, who dropped out of the project due to a scheduling conflict.

Anne Hathaway's casting in the "Barbie" movie is not yet a done deal as of press time. Negotiations are reportedly still being ironed out as the actress also wants Australian director Alethea Jones for this project. If Jones isn’t on board, then Hathaway won’t do the film.

Changing Barbie’s world

The "Barbie" live-action flick originally involved a story about a misfit (Amy Schumer) who wants more from her world with Ken.

It fitted Schumer’s background as a comedienne who also supported body positivity and wanted this incorporated in the script. But since she left the project, changes were made to the original story as well.

Kim Caramele and Diablo Cody received writer credits for the first screenplay of the “Barbie” live-action. Sony studio eventually tasked Olivia Milch for the rewrites to accommodate Anne Hathaway’s participation.

This time, the "Barbie" movie will involve a tale similar to "Enchanted" or "Big," which is like a fish-out-of-the water story. In it, the living doll will supposedly realize she doesn’t fit in her fantastically perfect world, while there’s a real world waiting to be explored.

Vanity Fair noted that this new role would be a great vehicle for Anne Hathaway who, in real life, actually received criticisms for being too perfect.

Full-packed schedule

Sony scheduled the release of “Barbie” for June 2018 in theaters, and there are no plans, for now, to move the release to a later date. For years, the studio has been trying to take the “Barbie” movie off the ground with Mattel, the doll company.

If Anne Hathaway isn't able to commit to filming soon, the part of Barbie might go to someone else.

Other actors in contention include Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lawrence.

But the star of “Princess Diaries” and “Les Miserables” has standing film commitments in productions like “Ocean’s 8” with Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchette, “Nasty Women" with Rebel Wilson and "Serenity" with Matthew McConaughey. Anne Hathway also recently landed the lead in the science fiction thriller “02.”

Will she be able to fit “Barbie” into her packed schedule? Do you think Anne Hathaway would make a great Barbie on the big screen?