Now that "Pretty Little Liars" is over and done with, the fans just can't seem to come to terms that the long-running series is already part of history. The series ended with a shocking blow to the fans but in all fairness, it also gave the viewers the closure they deserved. Before proceeding to read the rest of the article, please be warned that there might be some major spoilers as you read along. To continue, Troian Bellisario's character, Spencer Hastings, ended up to be the glue that would hold all the puzzle pieces together. In turned out that aside from Mary Drake and Jessica DiLaurentis, Spencer also has a twin, an evil one at that.

The ending really took everyone by surprise, but it left those who believed in those twin theories with a smug look on their faces. The followers of "Pretty Little Liars" were pretty much satisfied with the ending. However, there is one question that's hanging in the air and that is whether there will be a "PLL" spin-off coming anytime soon.

An open-ended finale

While everyone who watched the finale breathed a collective sigh of relief after finally knowing who Uber A is, there's still one big question floating in the air and that is whether the final episode will be the last time the Rosewood girls will be seen on air. According to Variety, Marlene King herself admitted that she still has a lot of ideas in mind on how to continue the series for a possible spinoff, movie or reboot.

However, the executive producer of "Pretty Little Liars" clarified that there are still no definite plans on making a reboot, spinoff or movie. The finale of "PLL" was compared to the ending of the movie, "Mean Girls", where a younger generation acted out an eerily familiar scene from the series.

From Alison to Addison

Just like how Hannah, Spencer, Emily and Aria huddled together to talk about Alison's disappearance in season 1, the "Pretty Little Liars" finale also showed a group of young girls talking about their missing friend, Addison.

It was clearly a symbolic scene where the series is subtly sending a message that the mythology of the creepy town is still very much alive.

According to Variety, Marlene King expressed the big potential of the said scene to open another plot or storyline that will feature a whole new generation of characters. Apparently, the final scene has set up the stage for a spinoff in the future, making it easier for the writers to bring in new characters to the same world where Alison, Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily revolved in.