Demi Lovato has just shared a short clip of her latest single 'Sorry Not Sorry' before it drops this midnight. The singer also generously took a long time to write a lengthy, heartfelt love tweet for her tens of millions of "Lovatics."

Demi tweeted teasers of SNS

Demi Lovato has just posted a sample video of her phenomenal single, 'Sorry Not Sorry'. On her official Twitter account, the singer shared a new clip of her new single. In the clip, Lovatics will dance to the rhythm of the new single, as well as the energetic performance of the former 'Barney & Friends' child star.

The video begins with a scene showing Lovato while singing in an enclosed recording booth. Few seconds after, the booth is revealed to be in the middle of a concert stage and its walls collapsed. The singer then stepped out to perform in front of her fans.

The singer also tweeted a photo of herself while inside a recording booth. The tweet has a caption that teases fans to anticipate more of her as she mentioned, "Thought you'd seen the last of me huh?"

Demi Lovato pours out her heart

Lovato also spent much time to write a long message titled "Thank you Lovatics," which was also posted on her Twitter account.

The sultry singer expressed her gratitude for the loving response of her followers to her new single 'Sorry Not Sorry'.

The singer-actress described her surreal feelings for the overwhelming kindness she is receiving from her fans, both on social media and in her shows. She wrote that she has learned from her recent trip to Hamburg the importance of love and enjoying the emotional human connection to one's survival and existence.

The singer also emphasized how fortunate she is to reach such point in her life where she is blown away with the endearing kindness and love of her Lovatics.

In her tweet, she also talked about how she felt when she took time out at the end of last year. Lovato apparently became worried that some would be upset with her being away for a while.

She was glad that the people still embraced and welcomed her back, far from what she was expecting. Furthermore, Lovato shared that she got more inspired to write more music in this new chapter of her life. She also mentioned her excitement to give her all for her fans.

Interestingly, the singer also revealed in her tweet that she is busy composing other new songs. Lovato revealed that the 'Sorry Not Sorry' is just first of the long list of songs she has been working on the table.

With these loving tweets from Demi Lovato, sure more people will be added to her tens of millions of fans. Check out the 'Sorry Not Sorry' as it releases this midnight of July 11.