The "Pretty Little Liars" finale is like a balloon that's waiting to burst and the fans are so excited to witness the end. After all the ups and downs, near-death experiences, broken friendships and scandalous episodes, fans and followers of "PLL" can consider the series finale as an end of an era. If there's one person who can claim responsibility over the heart-stopping moments in the series and the mind-blowing plot twists, it would no other than be executive producer and writer, Marlene King. In all fairness to Marlene King, she has been more than generous with "PLL" spoilers whenever she gets the chance to share them with the fans.

Entertainment Weekly and Vulture caught up with Marlene King in separate interviews, and she generously obliged with some major "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7 finale spoilers. A friendly advice, this article may contain some spoilers from the previous episodes, so for those who haven't had the time to catch up on the latest episodes, be prepared to get some major hints and clues.

Should the fans expect a dark and morbid ending?

The "Pretty Little Liars" that's currently airing on Freeform is way too different from its premiere episode. As the seasons progressed, the plot seemingly became darker, the twists became more complicated and the secrets revealed became more shocking and mind blowing.

Marlene King herself was well aware of how the series seemed to be diverting into the dark and morbid path.

According to Vulture, Marlene King shared that the five-year time jump can also be held responsible for how the story has become more dark and twisted in "Pretty Little Liars" season 7. In fact, two liars are in relatively deep trouble, and the emotional abuse that they are getting from A is much darker than their previous experiences.

King explained that since the liars are already depicted as adults, the showrunners believe that the conflict also needed to level up.

Will there be another set of twins in the finale?

In Sara Shepard's book, it turned out that Alison actually had a twin, Courtney. Just like the TV series, the "PLL" book series was very complicated, addictive and thrilling as well.

Although there was already one set of twins revealed in "Pretty Little Liars" series - Mary and Jessica, the fans are wondering if there's still going to be another twin reveal in the finale. Many twin theories have been circulating for quite some time, the most popular of them include Spencer's possible twin. Marlene King refused to comment on that part of the storyline, joking during her interview with Vulture that she might get in trouble for doing so.