The "Pretty Little Liars" series finale has gained mixed reviews from fans. Bringing in another twin was a bit of a jump-the-shark moment for many. It has been particularly disappointing as there were absolutely no clues from the earlier seasons that could have legitimately led to this theory. But it wasn't just the twin that led to some disappointing moments. There were certain "PLL" questions that weren't answered. Here's a look at four.

What happened to Eddie Lamb?

One of the best parts of Spencer being in Radley was the nurse Eddie Lamb. He was sweet and kind, but also a little mysterious.

However, he fell into the black hole of characters, that so many other characters fell into. Because of the five-year time jump in season 6, some of the character faces were just left out in the open. Eddie Lamb apparently skipped town. Marlene King hasn't said why or when, just that he wasn't in Rosewood after the five-year time jump.

It wouldn't have been a problem had he not recognized Aria when she was at Radley. Was that a poorly followed through red herring? It seems so now.

How did the moms get out of the basement?

While the Liars found out the identity of A in "Pretty Little Liars" season 6, the moms were trapped in a cellar. It looked like A was going to do something untoward them, but that storyline was just dropped.

There was hope that the Series Finale would shed some light as to what happened to them, but that didn't happen.

Instead, there was a mini joke about the time that they were trapped. In the final moments, the moms questioned each other if they remembered how they got out. Nobody could remember that important detail. So, what actually happened to them?

What ever happened to Mike?

Aria's little brother was a major player in the earlier seasons of the show. At times there were theories that he was A, especially when he was dating Mona. However, those theories crumbled once Mike stopped appearing in episodes. He wasn't even there for Aria's wedding, which seemed especially odd.

Just what happened to him after years of a troubled home life?

The actor was filming "Teen Wolf" at the time of the "PLL" series finale, but that wasn't good enough. The character could have at least been mentioned on screen, especially as to why he wasn't at his sister's wedding(s)!

What were your biggest questions about "Pretty Little Liars"? Did the series finale answer them all for you or were you left scratching your head? Share in the comments below!