In the last episode of "Power," Ghost was released from prison after his ex Angela decided to testify against her own office. Just before his release, he almost caught another case that would have probably kept him in prison for the rest of his life. Ghost viciously murdered the correctional officer played by late actor/comedian Charlie Murphy.

The scene was one of the most brutal and deadliest killings the show has displayed. Ghost used a Free weight that weighed about 45 lbs. and bashed the C.O.'s skull repeatedly until he was lifeless. Ghost's former extortionist entered the room to with an inmate by his side ready to kill him.

However, he decided to change plans when he realized the strength Ghost had displayed by killing the officer.

Plus it appeared he needed Ghost for something that has still yet to be revealed. He then proceeded to kill the inmate he initially brought in to kill Ghost. After that, he helped him clean the scene to make it appear the inmate had committed suicide after killing the correctional officer to avoid getting the death penalty.

The episode ended off with Ghost in processing for release and Kanan and Jukebox going back to their original plan of kidnapping Tyriq now that his dad is a free man.

Free man with new troubles

When Ghost gets home, he will have to face a new issue with an old friend in Kanan.

Everyone is under the impression Kanan is dead, besides Andre, and it appears Dre has a plan to cross Ghost as well. Julio approaches Dre about his meeting with Kanan in the next episode. Getting back to running his club will of course, be the number one priority for Mr. Saint Patrick himself.

Dealing with his former boss seems to be a new problem on his list, as Tasha has seemed to have borrowed money from him that he offered while Ghost was still in prison.

So life doesn't appear to be peaceful for Saint Patrick after his release.

Tasha's new love interest?

In the last episode, Ghost's lawyer "Silver," came on to Tasha and hinted to her that he was interested in her contacting him in the near future. Tasha did not show any signs that she would decline, so it could be another new monster that Ghost will have to deal with.

With the history between the two, it would come to no surprise if Tasha decides to take Silver up on his offer.

She has shown signs in the past that she is willing to test the waters herself since her husband has not shied away from doing the same with Angela.