The 45th President of the United States called out NFL owners for not punishing the players that choose not to stand during the National Anthem and owners such as Jerry Jones of the Cowboys have chosen to threaten to bench players that decide to do so. However, what would happen if star players decided to kneel during the anthem? History continues to prove that the owners do not have the players at best interest. The NFL organization as a whole continues to show that they are willing to do what makes the league look best as opposed to what's right for the players.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has failed to land a job on an NFL roster since he made the decision to kneel during the anthem. He and the rest of the players that have decided to protest due to their views on police brutality and racism in America. Unfortunately for them, even in a country that is supposed to be the land of the free, people are being punished for exercising their rights. Now, it is up to the players to prove to the league and the rest of the world that benching a player because of his beliefs will only affect the fans that spend millions of dollars a season to get their money worth.

What if star players decided to strike?

Players like Dez Bryant have gone on to express how he cares about his paycheck and won't risk losing it behind protesting during the national anthem.

His actions show a lack of courage and proves that instead of making a difference to better the country, he'd rather be selfish and worry about his own pockets. However, players like Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks has continued to go out and dominate on the field while standing firm on what he believes in. Bennett is one of the few players that is aware that without the stars on the field, fans won't have anything good to watch.

It's bad enough that the players aren't getting paid enough for the amount of damage done to their brains, but owners are also showing that their beliefs don't matter either. It will take most players an entire career to make what an average NBA or MLB player makes in just one season. But unlike the NFL, both of those leagues have shown they are willing to strike if the numbers aren't right.

In order for the league to improve on how players are treated, stars will have to learn how to show their willingness to take the risk of being benched.

Investing in a new league

The fortunate thing about current times is that people now have the ability more than ever to start their own business. Legendary hip-hop artist Ice Cube started the Big3 Basketball League that allowed former NBA players and retired veterans to continue showcasing their skills to the world. So, if NFL owners were to continue to show a lack of support for the needs of their players, it would not be a surprise if players decided to put their funds together and create their own football organization.

A new league would mean a new competitor for the NFL. Unfortunately, the reputation the league has continued to build from how they've dealt with the CTE epidemic, payment for players, and the lack of support for their players' freedom to not stand for a country that needs a lot of improvement. If the players don't take the next stand against the NFL owners, they will forever be under-appreciated and under-comensated