"Power" appeared on screens around the country as soon as midnight passed on Saturday night/Sunday morning. The first thing many people noticed was an actor who is no longer with us: Charlie Murphy. Some noted his frail appearance as he was growing sick, while others were not a big fan of the role. Most viewers had no choice, however, but to respect how hard the actor worked right up until his death, leaving one last part for fans to enjoy.

Murphy makes final appearance

Murphy plays a federal marshal who is vicious and vindictive in the pursuit of his goals.

Fans noticed him immediately, commenting on an appearance that made it clear just how far along his leukemia had progressed. He famously kept his disease a secret from his fellow "Power" cast members while they were on set filming. Judging from his appearance, however, it's hard to believe it was much of a secret.

Very little is known about Murphy's full role on the show. While the first episode of "Power" was available online, it won't air for a national audience on Starz until Sunday night. According to VIBE, the part was written by creator Courtney A. Kemp with the comedian specifically in mind. She described him as being "reserved and thoughtful," which may also be a result of knowing that he was about to die.

If his IMDB page is any indication, this will be the last time audiences will get to see him perform his craft.

Season 4 of 'Power'

Season 4 of "Power" will air each week over the course of the summer. James "Ghost" St. Patrick begins the season in prison after being put away by his lover for murder. He will need to figure out how to get out of jail in order to get back to running his endangered drug empire with Tommy Egan.

Meanwhile, troubles at home are also set to brew for Ghost, who won't even be prepared for the return of a character believed to be dead.

After a mixed reception to the first season, "Power" has been growing in critical popularity every season since. During Season 3, the show was renewed for two more years. The show counts 50 Cent among its executive producers and stars; Omari Hardwick stars as Ghost.

This season will see some of the main cast members depart, however, including Lucy Walters (who plays Holly Elizabeth Weaver), Andy Bean (Greg Knox), and Luis Antonio Ramos (Carlos "Vibora" Ruiz). The new season will premiere on Starz at 9:00 PM ET on Sunday night, which will provide fans with a glimpse of Murphy.