Nicole Kidman’s upcoming “Top of the Lake: China Girl” will air in a few weeks. The award-winning actress talked about her new series and revealed her desire to do a comedy project as well.

Nicole joins second season of 'Top of the Lake'

Nicole is taking over the small screen again. The superstar is now part of the second season of SundanceTV’s “Top of the Lake.”

The actress currently has an Emmy nomination for her outstanding performance in “Big Little Lies.” The prestigious award-giving body also acknowledged the series as a nominee for the “Best Miniseries” category.

The “Strangerland” star is playing the role of Julia Edwards, the adoptive mother of Mary (played by Alice Englert). She will be playing a challenging character as Julia will be separated from her spouse and daughter for being romantically involved with another woman. To make things controversial, Julia’s girlfriend works as a teacher at the school her daughter goes to.

Kidman talks about her career plans at age 50

Nicole graced the 2017 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour yesterday. She joined the panel of SundanceTV at the event held in Beverly Hills, California.

The “Moulin Rouge” star was asked if she sees herself doing another TV series. The former spouse of Tom Cruise admitted that she would love to do more TV shows in the future, according to CNN. She also shared that she is willing to do anything in her career. She explained that she is at the point where she is excited to try anything, now that she turned 50 years old last month.

The actress even specified that she will not have a problem facing another failure. She emphasized that she knows how to rise up and redeem herself again.

Does Nicole Kidman want to do comedy?

Furthermore, Nicole shared an interesting dream. She said she is hoping to get a comedy project. Apparently, she never received an offer to do comedy.

The “Grace of Monaco” star usually gets offers to do drama films or TV series. As known to many, she has proven her skills in this niche.

It seems that Nicole Kidman is certainly eager to branch out and step outside of her genre, though, she revealed that people tell her that she is “not funny.” Shrugging off the criticism, she is now honing her comedic skills through her daughter. The Oscar winner teased that Sunday Rose, her daughter with husband Keith Urban, “has Lucille Ball in her,” according to

"Top of the Lake: China Girl" is set to premiere on Sept. 10 on SundanceTV.