The 2017-18 NBA season seems to have gotten off to a great competitive start as things have not been such a breeze for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Both teams were favored at the beginning of the season to return to the NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive season. However, the referees have shown thus far that they will not hesitate to toss star players like LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Russell Westbrook (who have all been ejected from games at least once this season). The quick trigger fingers that have been displayed by the referees -- along with missed calls -- have left fans and players seemingly frustrated, as the outcome of games has been affected.

The constant rifts between players and refs have caused the two parties to call for a meeting during all-star weekend to try and settle any disputes and try to fix what appears to be a much more strict system than fans have seen in the past. Commissioner Adam Silver spoke about the matter recently in London while attending the 76ers-Celtics game. Silver believes the meeting will be positive and has a good chance of alleviating some of the issues that have plagued the current season.

Who to expect to attend meeting during All-Star weekend

According to USA Today, the meeting will take place February 17th between three players and three officials.

There will be a mediator on hand as well to help ensure that things are fair. Chris Paul, who is the president of the National Basketball Players Association will most likely be one of the players in attendance at the meeting during All-Star weekend. It is not yet known which other players will accompany Paul.

Veteran forward Carmelo Anthony of the Oklahoma City Thunder recently stated in a post-game interview that he was "done with the refs" after they ejected his teammate and reigning MVP Russell Westbrook for yelling at an official after he chose to keep his whistle silent on a play that Russ was clearly fouled on.

However, Melo is one of the most respected players around the league and may very well attend the meeting. LeBron James, who received the first ejection of his 15-year career back in November, may also attend the meeting, considering he is the face of the NBA.

Possible outcome after sit-down between the two parties

With the risk of losing viewers looming due to the ejections of star players, fans can expect to see the rift resolved between the players and refs.

While it is good to know that any player is capable of being disciplined, fans want to be able to know that their favorite players will be available during the most important moments of games.

In order for fans to get their money's worth, the best players need to be available for the entire game. If not, then the NBA will surely lose viewers.