Hey, “Power” fans. A meeting will not go as planned for Tommy at some point, Ghost will be involved in some sort of business deal that he can’t get out of, and a plan to kidnap Tari is revisited in this upcoming Episode 6 of the current Season 4. These are official spoilers from STARZ via the folks at TV Guide.

New Man

The title for this episode was kept pretty simple. They named it, “New Man.” The first storyline that their press release synopsis mentioned is the one involving Ghost. Apparently, he’s going to be involved in a business venture that he doesn’t want to be in.

Their description specifically states that he’s trapped in it.

Will he be able to find some way to get out of it? Or will he remain stuck in it forever? Those are the serious questions for this storyline. There’s no doubt that it sounds very intriguing. It should be really interesting to see how it will end up playing out. An educated guess would say this is the type of storyline that could take a few episodes to reach a conclusion.

Attend a meeting

Next, they revealed that Tommy will be extremely busy in this installment. First, he will pull off a big escape to Chicago. From there, he is going to attend a meeting. However, it doesn’t sound like this meeting will go the way he wants it to as they say it will take a turn.

This turn could possibly be a good one, but it certainly doesn’t sound like it will be. The big questions for this situation are what will this turn entail? Might it possibly screw Tommy over? We’ll certainly have to wait around until next week to find out because they didn’t give away those important details here.

Kidnap Tariq

The third and final teaser scoop for this episode reveals that Jukebox and Kanan will definitely be up to no good. They say that since Ghost is released from prison, they will revisit their scandalous plan that involves kidnapping his son Tariq.

Will they actually go ahead and go through with it? That’s the burning question for this scenario.

It definitely sounds like this plotline could turn into something that gives us a ton of drama-filled and suspenseful scenes. Of course, we will have to wait around until the episode airs to see how this one will play out.

Alright guys. That’s all the information that STARZ was willing to share for episode 6 in their press release. So, that wraps up our little spoiler session. Just like all the previous weeks, we do expect to see a new preview clip to get released later on tonight for this 6th installment. These promo clips usually reveal extra details that the written descriptions leave out. So, you’ll definitely want to look for it. It’s also confirmed that this episode will indeed air next Sunday night, July 30,2017 at 8pm central time on STARZ. Stay tuned.