The new season three Preview is out for "Outlander, " and this is full of spoilers. If you don't pay really close attention to the preview, then you might end up missing a few things that it revealed. You will not want to forget that Claire and Jamie are having a really hard time right now since they are being kept apart. So what all came out during the "Outlander" preview? Here is the information that you could have missed when you saw the preview.

New spoilers are here

John William Grey is joining the cast. This character will be the head of the prison where Jamie gets sent.

This is going to be a very important character this season. It sounds like they are going to end up bonding together. Also, the arrival of Geneva Dunsany will happen this season. In the book, she actually blackmails Jamie into taking her virginity. Everyone wants to know if they will go this same route on the show this season. In the book, she actually ends up pregnant. That could really shake things up a lot. It would be pretty surprising if they don't end up going the same route on the show this time.

One big thing that will happen is that Jamie walks back through the gates of Lallybroch. He is ready to tell his family he is back, but then he will end up getting arrested right away. From the looks of things, his sister Jenny might be the one that turned him in.

That isn't going to go over well at all. This is not the way that it goes down in the book at all, so this really surprises everyone that they may be changing it up.

What is Claire up to this season?

Briana and Roger are really heating things up this year, too. Claire and Frank are also going to reconnect. Everyone wants to see Claire with Jamie, but this isn't something that can happen right now.

Frank will want her to move on and be with him as husband and wife, but you know that isn't what the viewers want to see either. Nobody wants to see her give up on getting back to Jamie. This love story is a large part of what makes the show "Outlander" so popular with the viewers. Frank's love story with her is never going to be as great as the one she has with Jamie.

Are you excited for a new season of "Outlander"? Do you feel like there is any way that Claire will end up back with Jamie this season? The new season of "Outlander" will start airing on September 10 on STARZ. This is a season that you do not want to miss for sure. "Outlander" has become a huge hit for STARZ and Fans have been waiting for the big return.