"The young and the restless" spoilers reveal a major Genoa City couple could be calling its quits once again, this time, maybe for good. Victor and Nikki Newman have been the soaps go to on-again-off-again couple for decades. Now, once again the couple are at odds, and Victor appears to once and for all, finally be fed up with Nikki's constant drama.

Is the Newman family self-destructing?

Spoilers for Wednesday, July 19th reveal that Victor will be taking a long hard look at his life with Nikki and debating as to whether or not there is any hope for their future together according to CDL reports.

Not only is Victor stressing out about his relationship with Nikki, but he is also having some serious conflicts with Nick and needs to decide how to handle their last confrontation.

Victor Newman confides in Ashley, did he just make a life altering mistake?

Victor runs into Ashley, and the two are going to have a heart-to heart with Victor confiding in Ashley about his family troubles. He will share with Ashley about Nikki's health issues, and how she has been facing medical problems with her MS flare-ups. Victor is so relieved to have someone to talk to that he even opens up about his problems with Nick and the recent scuffle they had.

Ashley tells Newman that she hopes things will work out for him and the family, but, we all know that Ashley is not always the best person to reveal personal information with, and this could eventually come back to haunt Victor.

Despite getting things off of his chest, Victor is feeling very conflicted over Nikki. Meanwhile, Nikki is on her way off from her get away with Jack, and she is also experiencing some very confusing feelings.

Nikki can't seem to shake these feelings for Jack that have once again fired up between the two. Jack and Nikki’s past feelings for each other have never really faded.There is just enough rekindled heat between Nikki and Jack to spark up to cause major relationship troubles for all involved.

Nikki gets back to town and heads straight to the ranch to face off with Victor.

Spoilers tease Victor has had it and decides to set Nikki free to move on with her life. He lets her know that has grown tired of begging forgiveness and fighting to keep their marriage together. Nikki claims she still loves Victor. However, this all the family conflict, Victor's attitudes and behavior have all been too much for her to handle.

It looks as if it could be splitsville once again for the Newmans. Is it coming to an end for Nikki and Victor? Will Jack and Nikki attempt to give love another shot?

"The Young and the Restless" airs weekdays on CBS.