"Outlander" just posted a new video showing lead actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe while filming. The two actors, who play Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall in the hit romantic fantasy series, dished out "three things to look forward to" for the upcoming third season.

Three is a magic number for the Starz show, as Sam and Caitriona shared that there are only three weeks left of filming and three months to go before Season 3 airs. The video was posted on Thursday, June 1, which happened to be World Outlander Day. Apparently, June 1 was the date "Outlander" author Diana Gabaldon published the first novel back in 1991.

Soup, print shop, and lovely bunches of coconuts

These are the three mysterious clues Heughan and Balfe gave to "Outlander" fans. Those who read Gabaldon's third novel "Voyager," might be able to decipher them easily. We know that the upcoming season will be adapted from the original story's third book, where these three things have appeared.

Fair warning to our readers, possible spoilers ahead

The soup that Caitriona mentioned is quite possibly the famous "Outlander turtle soup" from Chapter 56 of the book.

Here, Claire wakes up with fever and shoots herself with some penicillin. Jamie feeds her turtle soup, which makes her a bit drunk.

As for the print shop, this appears during a 1765 part of the novel. Jamie is disguised as a liquor smuggler working at a printer's shop in Edinburgh. This is where Claire finds him and they are once again reunited.

However, Claire will discover new shocking revelations about Jamie which will test their relationship.

"Lovely bunches of coconuts" pertains to Jamaica, where Jamie and Claire will be headed in the latter part of the book. There, they begin a new action-packed adventure.

New video confirms Season 3 storyline

The video also gives "Outlander" fans an early glimpse of the upcoming season.

Sam and Caitriona are dressed in their costumes, and much can be gleaned from them. In particular, Catriona appears to be older. This confirms that Season 3 will feature a huge time jump from the 1940s to possibly the 1960s as seen in the show's official trailer.

For a brief moment, three other cast members joined in the video, greeting fans with a "happy World Outlander Day!" These are César Domboy, who plays the adult Fergus; Lauren Lyle (Marsali); and John Bell, who plays Jamie's newphew, Ian Murray.

Fans of the show have much to rejoice about because 'droughtlander' will soon be over. "Oultander" Season 3 will premiere in September on Starz.