Hey, “General Hospital” fans. The intensity will get turned up a notch when Sam and Sonny have their big confrontation! Some big news gets revealed by Anna at some point. Liz will get held captive. Obrecht is out for revenge and more in these new July 24 to July 28, 2017, episodes. ABC delivered these teaser spoilers by way of Soaps.com.

Know the truth

In the Monday, July 24 episode, They say that Jason will be so caught up in wanting to know the truth that he will stop at nothing to get it. What is this truth that Jason is so longing to find? That’s the big question for this storyline.

Catch a break

Next, it sounds like Dante will be pretty happy in this episode as they say that he will finally catch a break. They didn’t reveal in reference to what. So, we’ll definitely have to tune in to find out what that’s all about.

The third scoop for Monday reveals that Nathan is going to write up a column that will really hit close to home for someone. What does this column entail? It definitely sounds like it’ll be interesting to find out.

Sam initiates it

The Tuesday, July 25 episode will get quite intense because it’s going to feature the big Sonny and Sam confrontation at some point! They say that Sam will be the one to initiate it. However, they didn’t mention what it’ll be in reference to.

So, that will be a question that we’ll be looking to see get answered in this episode.

Next, There’s going to be a situation with Anna. Apparently, she will have some very big news to share. What could this big news be about? Who will she tell it to? This storyline certainly sounds like it could turn out to be real interesting.

A welcome surprise

Lastly, Nathan will experience a very favorable event as they say that he’s going to be the recipient of a surprise that’s very welcomed. The obvious question for this situation is what is this surprise? It definitely sounds intriguing.

In the Wednesday, July 26 episode, it sounds like we’ll see Griffith and Finn make some progress as they say these two will make strides.

Elsewhere, Laura will be very busy. They say she will have her hands quite full with something. They didn’t reveal exactly what that something is. So, that’s another thing that we’ll have to wait around to find out.

Scout’s health

Lastly, this is the episode where we’ll see Obrecht try to enact some revenge! So, that definitely sounds like it could get really intense. Garvey will be up to some very intriguing stuff in the Thursday, July 27 episode. They say that he’s going to be quite busy attempting to cover his tracks. Elsewhere, Griffith will be very concerned about Scout’s health. The third teaser reveals the whole Liz situation. She won’t be a happy camper because she will be held captive!

Port Charles gets haunted

Finally, the week will close out with Friday’s July 28 episode. In it, Alexis will end up rushing to General Hospital at some point. Port Charles will continue to get haunted by Olivia Jerome’s actions. Also, Garvey will be in a very positive head space as they reveal that he will be very pleased with himself. Stay tuned.