General Hospital” spoilers and rumors tease that Bobbie Spencer’s [Jacklyn Zeman] revenge quest against Nelle Hayes Benson [Chloe Lanier] will soon take a wild twist. Bobbie hired Felicia Scorpio [Kristina Wagner] to dig into Nelle’s past and she’s hoping Felicia will hit pay dirt. “GH” rumors say Felicia will find a big scoop on Nelle’s past, but it’s not the skeletons in the closet that Bobbie and Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] were seeking.

Carly and Bobbie are hypocrites

“General Hospital” fans have not forgotten the dirt in Carly and Bobbie’s pasts.

Viewers know that Bobbie and Carly pulled every foul trick in the book back in their prime, even if they’re both acting like respectable Port Charles citizens now. Even this scheme to take down Nelle may remind ABC soap watchers of just how low Carly and Bobbie are willing to go.

Carly even admitted on a recent “General Hospital” episode that she was like Nelle in her younger years, but Carly doesn’t acknowledge that she’s where she is now because people forgave her over and over and gave her second, third and even fourth chances.

The same goes for Bobbie. So why can’t these two cut Nelle a break? Michael Corinthos [Chad Duell] is a grown man and can make choices for himself.

What Felicia finds…

Recent “GH” spoilers spill that Felicia plans to start her investigation in Florida where Nelle lived with her parents, the Bensons. That’s where Nelle and her dad Frank Benson lived when he sold her kidney to Jasper Jax [Ingo Rademacher].

But what Felicia finds down South could shake up everything we think we know about Nelle – and expose that Nelle's real mom is someone right there in Port Charles.

“General Hospital” fans have long believed that Nina Reeves [Michelle Stafford] has a child that was born when she was in her coma since she was pregnant when her evil mom drugged her into a two-decade slumber.

Many hope that Kiki Jerome [Hayley Erin] is her kid, but this new rumor indicates that the “GH” writers may have changed direction and decided to make Nelle the daughter Nina needs.

Nelle’s backstory revealed

Since “GH” has put Chloe Lanier on contract, that means that she’s sticking around – she’s even in the opening credits now. Nelle has no biological family since Frank is dead, so having a family tie in Port Charles would be life-changing for her. Nina also needs family, especially since she just lost Charlotte Cassadine [Scarlett Fernandez]. Nina only has Nathan West [Ryan Paevey] and Nelle has no one.

“General Hospital” spoilers also showed in recent weeks that Nina acts very motherly towards Nelle.

She took the young woman under her wing, gave her not one, but two jobs, gave her a makeover and has been very supportive of her. Nina is the best friend Nelle has in town. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Felicia discovers there’s more to it? Nelle’s backstory is complicated and even she doesn’t know all of it.

Frank paid to take Nelle?

Doesn’t it seem strange that Frank and his wife adopted Carly but then he went on to have Nelle as a biological child? “GH” spoilers and rumors hint that both Carly and Nelle might have been adopted. Carly was adopted from love because of her mother Virginia Benson. But Nelle might have been another story. Frank might have been paid to raise Nelle as his own so no one would know the truth.

Nelle could be Silas and Nina’s daughter, but Madeline Reeves [Donna Mills] paid him to take the kid off her hands and go away forever. Stranger things have happened. Frank taking cash to adopt Nelle is no stranger than Frank taking cash to steal a kidney from Nelle. In fact, it might explain why Frank had no problem selling the kid’s organ – it’s because she’s not his biological child, so he didn’t care.

Do you think Nelle might be Nina’s daughter on “GH?" If this rumor turns out to be true, it could change everything for Nelle and Nina. Check back often for more “General Hospital” spoilers.