HBO released a new surprise "Game of Thrones" Season 7 trailer at San Diego Comic-Con. The trailer is composed of scenes from the next two episodes of Season 7. And while we've already seen some of these scenes in the teaser preview for Episode 2, there are definitely some new ones included. So let's break down each section of this new "Game of Thrones" trailer and try to figure out what can we expect, at least from these 2 episodes.


In the first scene of this trailer we see someone (probably Jon and Davos) arriving on Dragonstone and then a dragon flying over what looks like Casterly Rock.

These scenes are happening while Daenerys is saying how she was born to rule Seven Kingdoms. During the trailer, we also see a couple of brief shots happening on Dragonstone. These shots include Daenerys sitting on the throne and someone climbing the steps. This is followed by a brief shot of Melisandre and Varys before finally closing with a scene where Melisandre is saying to Daenerys that she also has a role to play.

King's Landing

King's Landing scenes open with Cersei saying how Mad King's daughter will destroy the realm in front of some lords including Sam's dad Rendyll Tarly. And then the shot of the Lannister army marching while Cersei is saying how they must stand together in order to stop Daenerys.

Later in the trailer, we get to see this same army under the command of Jaime Lannister fighting the Unsullied with a dragon flying over their heads. Then a couple of fighting scenes inside the castle that is definitely Casterly Rock.

Back to King's Landing, we see Euron Greyjoy parading the streets with a rope in his left hand.

In the throne room, we see Euron bowing to Cersei while presenting her a gift. And judging by the hair, there is no doubt that the gift is Elaria Sand. Speaking about Euron, we also see the glimpses of the Sea Battle which is definitely going to take place in the second episode. We also see the repeated scenes of someone sharpening the sword and Theon and Yara looking shocked.


In Winterfell, we see a bunch of children practicing in the courtyard under the watchful eye of Jon Snow. Next, we hear him saying how they can't defeat the Night King's army on their own and that they need Daenerys because she has dragon fire. Then, after a couple of repeated shots from the Episode 2 promo, we see Davos saying how everyone must bound together as well as the brief shot of Lyanna Mormont saying to Jon that winter is here.

You can watch new "Game of Thrones" Season 7 trailer from San Diego Comic-Con below.