Recently, the Entertainment Weekly news team put out an article that revealed "Grey's Anatomy's" star Caterina Scorsone made a very dark and shocking confession about an experience she went through in show business. She revealed it on her official Instagram account and explained that it almost caused her to quit the acting business for good.

Responding to Toback's denial

She decided to do this as a response to director James Toback's denial of sexually harassing multiple women. He issued his denial to Rolling Stone magazine. After that, Caterina felt she had to say something because she's claiming he actually harassed her about 17 years ago.

Some of the popular actresses that have come forth with these serious claims include Selma Blair, Rachel McAdams, Julianne Moore and NBC host Natalie Morales. Caterina decided to join them. In her Instagram message, she said that she needed to corroborate the stories that these other actresses are claiming.

17 years ago

After that, she said she wrote an article 17 years ago that revealed her alleged sexual harassment experience. At the time, she didn't reveal who allegedly committed the crime. In her latest statement, she finally revealed that it was James Toback.

She went on to explain that she waited so long to say anything because she was discouraged by many industry people to keep it to herself.

She took their advice, and it directly affected her career. The essay she wrote 17 years ago explains how it affected her career. She posted the essay in a different Instagram post. It explained that Toback allegedly tried to get her to sleep with him for a role she was auditioning for. Also, she revealed that she was just a teenager at the time.

He said she was repressed

She bluntly told him that she was not going to sleep with him for the part. After that, she claims he told her she was repressed, and that she just needed to be willing to trust him and "go there" if she was a real actor.

In response to Caterina's refusal, she claims Toback did not give her the role.

This negative experience prompted her to quit acting out of frustration. She described it as a "veil of silence surrounding this issue." Fortunately, the producer of "Grey's Anatomy," Shonda Rhimes eventually made her feel it was safe enough to return to the business as an adult. She referred to Shonda as an example of the good side of this industry.

Stand up for women

In her Instagram statement, Caterina said she wanted to help stand up with the women that were brave enough to come forward. She also wants to stand up for the women who still feel they can't speak about it.

The Entertainment Weekly article also revealed that the claims against Toback have accumulated to more than 300 women. He's currently denying any and all allegations made against him.

He told Rolling Stone that these claims are absolutely disgusting to him. Toback's agent has dropped him as a client in light of all these claims.

They're all pathetic lies

The New York Daily News printed a different denial that Toback made. In their version, he said the claims are all pathetic lies, and they're not worth wasting another second on. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Toback said the claims are stupid, and he's never offered a part to anyone who didn't deserve it. He went to say his word is better than a contract.