Hey, “Days Of Our Lives” fans. Major tension will take place between Chad and Gabi when they engage in a heated argument! Some devious revenge plots will be in the works. Brady will catch some confrontation heat from Jennifer. An attempted murder situation will happen and so much more in these upcoming July 24 to July 28, 2017, episodes. NBC delivered these new spoiler scoops via the Soaps.com folks.

Double trouble

All the drama will kick off with the Monday, July 24 episode. This is the one where we’re going to see the revenge plots get cooked up.

They say that the trouble will get doubled by a pair of people that they refer to as mischief-makers. They will put together plans for revenge.

What will these crazy-sounding plans entail? Who will be their targets? Those are the very important questions for this storyline. The one thing that we do know for sure is that this situation should give us some very intriguing and possibly very dramatic scenes to look forward to. There’s no doubt about that.

Jennifer and Brady confrontation

Next up is the July 25 episode scoop. This is the one that will feature the huge Jennifer and Brady confrontation. They say that Jennifer will initiate things when she tries to ask him why he used her to try to keep Nicole and Eric apart.

Will Brady have a good answer for her? Or will he upset her even more? This storyline sounds like it will be quite dramatic as well. We certainly look forward to seeing what will result from this tension-filled encounter.

In the Wednesday, July 26 episode, Chad and Gabi will end up engaging in their huge fight that was mentioned earlier in this article.

They didn’t reveal what will cause this fight to erupt. So, that is definitely the big question for this scenario. It certainly sounds like it will be extremely intense and dramatic.

Gabi’s brother arrested

Next, they revealed two teasers for the Thursday, July 27 episode. The first one reveals that Gabi is going to really get startled at one point.

The reason why she will be so surprised is that she’s going to find out that her brother has been arrested. What will be her next course of action? That’s the burning question for this situation. We’ll definitely have to tune in to find out because they just left it at that.

The second scoop reveals that Andre and Abigail will be caught up in a very desperate situation. They explain that these two will be quite busy doing everything they can to get their paws on Theo’s laptop so they can possibly rescue Chad. Will they be able to pull it off? Or will they come up short? Whatever the case, it certainly sounds like this will make for a very intense and intriguing storyline.

Attempted murder

To wrap up the week, the Friday, July 28 episode of "Days of Our Lives" will feature a very interesting-sounding scene that will involve an attempted murder situation. They say that an attempt will definitely get made on someone’s life. So, it sounds like they will certainly end this week off with a bang. Stay tuned.