Timeless” has been on quite some journey this year and fans of the NBC time travel series have held on tight for the ride. From its epic cliff-hanging season finale to the cancellation of the show to the then 3-day U-turn that the networks made NBC certainly made some heads spin.

However, now that heads are starting to slow down fans are turning their attention towards season 2 and what is to come. The show is not expected to return until 2018 for the second season, leaving fans with a monumental wait for answers to their burning questions.

Thankfully fans are going to get an opportunity to ask some of those questions this year as the time team will be making an appearance at SDCC.

Cast members Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett and Goran Visnjic along with series creators Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan will be holding a Q+A where they will discuss their favorite moments along with answering questions from fans.

So what questions will fans be desperate to ask? They are certainly not lacking in the question department. The way the show concluded its very first season certainly left a lot for fans to ponder, nevermind the whole cancellation and renewal thing.

1: What was it that made show bosses do a u-turn on the cancellation?

Was it the fans determination? If there was one thing that “Timeless” had going for it, it was the determination and loyalty of the fans. #RenewTimeless was frequently tweeted and shared while the show was being considered for cancellation and fans certainly made sure their voices were heard.

2: What has happened to Jiya?

Plenty of rumors and theories are going around on what has happened to Jiya and what that will mean for the rest of the team. No doubt this will be a major question fans will be hoping for some details on.

3: Will Wyatt and Lucy get together?

It looked like this could be a possibility as they grew closer together as each episode passed by.

Many will want to find out if this will materialize into anything else and if so what that means for Wyatt and his pursuit of his wife's killer.

4: Where is Flynn?

The perfect bad guy turned good guy was dealt a terrible blow, as he was arrested and dragged away to some possible hell hole. Will Flynn return or not will be an urgent answer fans will want?

5: When is the show coming back?

Most likely the number one question for many is when “Timeless” season 2 will specifically return. It has been scheduled for the year 2018, but that’s it. Fans will want a bit more detail i.e. what month.

SDCC 2017 starts at the end of this month with the “Timeless” Q+A on Thursday, July 20th 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm