The NCIS star who has played the role of Abby Sciuto on the hit CBS show for 15 seasons has declared that she has decided to depart at the end of this season. She made this announcement Twitter earlier this morning stating that it is true I am leaving. Her tweet was accompanied with a picture as well detailing a bit more about her decision to depart and also made references to some false rumors that had been circulating regarding her own skincare line and other false rumors.

What has made this announcement so surprising to so many is that she had supposedly decided this last year to leave "NCIS" and it is nothing to do with a fall out with the network or studio.

That it has certainly been a long thought out decision rather than a spur of the moment one.

"NCIS" fans react

Unsurprisingly this announcement by the actress has come as a pretty big shock to many “NCIS” fans. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their opinion with some expressing how much they will miss her and wishing the actress all the best.

Some have also expressed much disappointment and sadness as well. This is obviously not that surprising considering Parrette was a season regular on the show and has certainly brought a certain flair and style to Abby’s character.

"NCIS" will move forward

“#NCIS” will undoubtedly move on without too much of a hitch, details of how they will write #Perrette’s character out of the show have not been revealed yet but if this was decided last year no doubt it has already been decided and planned out.

It’s certainly not the first time a high profile character has left the show. Michael Weatherly, who played the role of Anthony DiNozzo for over 300 episodes left the show back in 2016 and is currently starring in the CBS series “Bull”.

When #Weatherly announced his departure to the show fans echoed their opinion that it would in no way survive without him, similar thoughts are being expressed over Perrette’s departure.

The show obviously did move on and no doubt it will keep going after season 15.

Pauley Perrette

Perrette did not reveal in her statement what she is planning to do once she departs from the show. She has appeared in several productions while starring in “NCIS” but whether any of these will be the beginning of a new project or whether she will take some time off from acting is currently unknown.

Currently “NCIS” is only into its third episode this season so there is still plenty of time to go before Perrette’s departure so, for now, enjoy it while you can and we will see how her character exits the show after such a long time.