If you are a fan of the Netflix sensation “Stranger Things” and you like a good conspiracy theory then you are going to get pretty excited when you see the latest trailer for “Stanger Things,” Season 2. Netflix released the teaser via Youtube and it is packed out with real-life international Conspiracies that are all very well known.

The anticipation is very high for "Stranger Things" Season 2 and fans have been clamoring for any information they can find about the upcoming installment. This latest trailer, however, has just ramped up that level of excitement to a completely new level.

The trailer

The over one-minute long trailer has been put together and created by what can only be explained as an old-fashioned slide show, one that requires numerous slides and a projector to display. An unseen narrator talks over these photos, discussing events that have gone on and asks some pretty serious questions.

Of course, there are already some big questions that have been left unanswered since the end of Season 1, which the narrator does touch on, but only briefly. He soon switches to discussing certain conspiracies that are already well known.

Gremilns, Mermaids, New ‘Coke,’ and the 1984 Olympics come up along with sunspots and a whole host of other conspiracies that you may never have heard about.

If you search for them, you will find out that they are just as real as you and me. The biggest questions revolve around how this trailer connects back to the small town where "Stranger Things" takes place.

Fans respond

As soon as the teaser dropped on the official Netflix Youtube page, fans immediately picked it up. Currently, the trailer has been viewed over 200,000 times in less than 24 hours and that number is very likely to grow much larger.

The comments about the footage can be summed up by saying fans are very excited for the return of the show and that all this trailer has done has made them even more excited and less impatient for its return. Many fans have questions that need answers and are wondering how everything will connect together. Others are desperate to see what additional conspiracy theories might come into play this season.

The most recent trailer, before this, came out in the summer during San Diego Comic-Con. That trailer itself had people already excited for the upcoming season and as it stands has been viewed over 11 million times.

“Stranger Things,” Season 2 come to Netflix on October 27.