Ariana Grande was performing a gig in Manchester at the end of her "Dangerous Woman" tour. The show was attended by hundred of people. The public thoroughly enjoyed the concert, but afterward, a Terror Attack would change the lives of many forever. A suicide bomber waited for the audience to exit the show before detonating a bomb. 22 people were killed in total, seven of which were children. Much more were injured. Ariana was devastated but returned one week later for her "One Love Manchester" concert.

Manchester charity concert

Ariana Grande returned to Manchester after a devastating terror attack at one of her concerts.

The attack killed 22 people including children and injured much more. The singer was devastated by the events but decided that Manchester needed support. She returned a week later and was back out on the stage performing at the concert titled "One Love Manchester."

Grande rallied some musical artists such as Niall Horan, Miley Cyrus and Coldplay who all performed at the concert. The victims of the terror attack were invited along, and Manchester stood in solidarity in the wake of terrorism. All the funds from the concert went directly to those affected by the terror attack. Grande visited the wounded at the hospital. Overall the star raised almost £3 million and offered to pay for the funerals of all 22 deceased.

City council made unanimous decision

For the Manchester City Council, there was no question as to whether or not Ariana should be made an honorary citizen. The decision was made on Wednesday, July 5. Some family members of the victims were present at the vote. Sir Richard Leese, the council leader, praised Ariana Grande for her bravery in returning to Manchester so soon after the attack.

He spoke highly of her character and her dedication to her fans.

Grande raised millions for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. The star also became its first patron. She is the first person to become an honorary citizen of Manchester. As well as thanking Grande, Sir Richard Leese thanked all those who helped on the night of the attack.

The public support which was shown on the evening was outstanding as people offered their homes to strangers.

The council meeting was an emotional one as the council recalled the tragedy which brought about the "One Love Manchester" concert. Prayers from leaders of different faiths were read out and a moment of silence was had in memory of the victims. While the tragedy will forever be in the minds of the people of Manchester so will the "One Love" concert Ariana organized. It helped to bring the people of Manchester even closer together in the wake of the terror attack.

There has been no comment about when the ceremony will take place. However, Grande is expected to be officially awarded citizenship over the coming weeks.