Fans have been waiting and speculating over who will become the new face of “Doctor Who” ever since Peter Capaldi announced he was stepping down from the show back in January 2017. That wait was finally over as the BBC officially announced earlier today that Jodie Whittaker will become the new Doctor.

The reveal was made on the BBC network straight after the men’s Wimbledon singles tennis final match. The BBC had teased on Friday that they would make this reveal after the match with a short video trailer that they had uploaded to social media.

Who is Jodie Whittaker?

Born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England the actress is best known for her movie roles in “St. Trinian’s” and “Attack the Block”. The actress has most recently been starring in the ITV drama “Broadchurch” as Beth Latimer alongside former “Doctor Who” star David Tennant.

When will we see this new Doctor?

Sadly we have some time to wait until we see the Whittaker in action. Officially we won't get to see her until the “Doctor Who” Christmas special. This will be when Peter Capaldi’s version of the Doctor undergoes the famous regeneration process which is where the current Doctor basically dies and the new Doctor is born.

At what point during the Christmas special this happens is obviously not known.

It could be five minutes in or 5 seconds at the end. If it is the latter it will mean that we will have to wait until series 11 begins before we truly get a good impression of what Whittaker’s portrayal will be like.

The Christmas Special

Not much is known about the Christmas special this year. All we really know for sure is that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, also known as the 12th Doctor, and the first doctor, originally played by the late William Hartnell now David Bradley, are teaming up together.

The last we had seen of the Doctor was he had just escaped from a space craft filled with Cybermen which we had battled to save the lives of others. This was without consequences however as he had lost both his companions and his regeneration process had begun.

How things will go during the episode and what will happen remains a mystery and we will have to wait until the episode airs to find out.

The big question now, however, is how will the regeneration happen? Will Peter Capaldi go out in some blaze of glory or will it be something else entirely?

The “Doctor Who” Christmas Special will air on the 25th December this year where all of our answers will be revealed.