Characters Stiles and Derek were in the very first season of "Teen Wolf". They are considered two of the core characters of the popular MTV series and fans have been kept in the dark about their involvement in the final season of the show. However, the latest trailer of "Teen Wolf" reveals the pair have returned to help Scott in his final battle. Fans are over the moon that their favorite characters have returned for the show's final farewell.

Stiles and Derek return for Season 6B

The newest trailer for "Teen Wolf" has been released and it features characters Stiles and Derek. For months the question as to whether or not the two would return has been left unanswered.

When Stiles, played by dylan O' Brien, did not feature in the earlier promo's for the sixth season fans were left devastated. Many of the "Teen Wolf" fans stated that they would boycott the shows final season if Stiles was not in it.

Dylan O' Brien has been establishing himself as an actor in the film industry. His busy schedule lends to the belief that his character will not feature heavily in season 6 of "Teen Wolf". However, fans are rejoicing after seeing him in the newest trailer. As for Tyler Hoechlin, he has been busy starring on the hit-TV series "Supergirl". The season certainly would not feel complete without the pair as they starred in the series since its very first season. Luckily for fans of the show, MTV has finally announced that the pair will return to help Scott in his final battle.

Other beloved characters to return

The newest trailer was full of surprises. Not only did it announce Stiles and Derek's return but it also showed the other characters who are due to return to "Teen Wolf". Colton Haynes, who played Jackson, will be returning to the series. His character was in the first few seasons but left as Haynes pursued a role in "Arrow".

Other characters include Ethan, Gerard Argent, and Kate Argent.

It appears that the show is preparing to say farewell to many of the "Teen Wolf" cast in its final season. There have been further spoilers about the final season including that some fan favorites will die. Fans are already speculating as to who this might be. However, the addition of these characters has widened the search.

Long-time fans of "Teen Wolf" will not be happy if some of their favorites are brought back only to be killed. It will be interesting to see how the returns are handled.

"Teen Wolf" is due to air on Sunday, July 30. Season 6B is the final season of the series and fans must prepared to say goodbye to Beacon Hills.

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