"This Is Us" star Mandy Moore has shared on social media a video of her epic transformation for her older character role as Rebecca Pearson.

The actress has shared several video clips on her Instagram page on Wednesday and her followers were left in awe with what they saw. As Moore shared her Instagram story, she wrote a caption that says, "You know what's happening." It has been believed that the actress is currently working on the upcoming season of the "This is Us" series and hence she has to deal with these big changes.

On her video clip, it was clearly shown how her make-up artists have made efforts for her to look older from 33 to 66-year old Rebecca.

It was further shown that Moore has been placed with dark colors on her face for her to look a lot older than her actual age.

Getting older is a lot of work

A report from Entertainment Tonight has shared that since the first day "This is Us" started filming, Moore has kept her followers updated through her Instagram post. Just recently, she has left everyone in surprise with her epic transformation. She added that looking older is definitely a lot of work to do. The "Candy" singer has also posted several photos online next to the video clips that she shared.

Another photo has featured her sitting next to her co-star, Sterling K. Browns. To recall, the "This is Us" cast members have returned to work last July 11.

Since then, Moore already documented her day to day work for the upcoming season of the series.

The 66-year old transformation

As an actress, being into an epic facial transformation is not an issue for Moore. Apparently, she has been excited as she shared her photos with her followers in the social media. With her upcoming role as Rebecca Pearson, Moore has revealed that in order to look a lot older, you have to deal with numbers of hours in the make-up chair.

During her daily makeup routine on the set, Moore has shared on Wednesday a live video of her transformation in progress.

Apparently, the changes which were made by her squad seemed to be not an easy job at all.

Moore was seen on the video being placed by some wrinkles on her face. The actress was also thankful for the effort exerted by her make-up team. A creepy make-up was also placed under her eyes for her to look a lot older.

Further, dark spots were used under her neck and cheek which later turned her into an older woman. The actress has also shared the video as she uttered, "This is 66," while referring to her role as 66-year old Rebecca. She felt really incredible with her look despite the fact that paint stuffs were not even added yet.