The British Publishing House of Bloomberg has finally confirmed that there are two new books of "Harry Potter" which will be published this October. The said released will be in line with the opening of the British Library that will also showcase the "Harry Potter" exhibit. These two new books will be known as "Harry Potter: History of Magic - The Book of Exhibition" and "Harry Potter - A Journey through a History of Magic."

Both books are slated to inform readers about the different subjects which are being studied in the Hogwarts. On the other hand, it will also detail on the different mystical topics which largely include alchemy and the ancient witchcraft.

'The Book of Exhibition'

A report from E! News has confirmed that these two new "Harry Potter" books will deal with the love for magic and witchcraft. It is also believed that each chapter from "The Book of Exhibition" will tell about the different artifacts in the British library and other essential collections of the world. Other than that, the exhibit will also feature the different manuscripts and illustrations that were used in the famous novel of Rowling.

Further, each part of the book will also have some content which was contributed by other writers like Steve Backshall, Richard Coles, Tim Peake, Roger Highfield, and Lucy Mangan. Apart from magic and witchcraft, the upcoming books are also believed to teach readers some lessons about astronomy.

Pre-order books

The news about the book publication was confirmed by the publishing house on Tuesday. As the readers wait for its official release date, they can also opt to order the books ahead of time as it has been made available through pre-orders. However, these two new books are expected to arrive on October 20 in connection with the library exhibit.

Further, it was also known that this London-based exhibition is slated to run through until February 2018. Somehow, the said event will also honor the 20th anniversary of J.K. Rowling's popular novel "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone."

Apart from the new books to be published, new stage performances are also expected to happen next spring.

"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is believed to have its first performance on Broadway. The upcoming play, which also runs in two parts, is among the highly anticipated stage performances for the "Harry Potter" universe. Right now, the British publishing house is yet to give more details of the book release by October.